Martha Daniel

Martha Daniel

Martha Daniel is an experienced service disabled veteran entrepreneur with an exceptional technology and engineering career. Additionally, she serves as CEO/Founder of IMRI Cybersecurity Risk Compliance Solutions Company.

Beatrice lived at Lambton Quay while the Coopers established their health business there, giving birth and having her son adopted by another couple.

Early Life and Education

Martha Daniel was born into one of Virginia’s most prominent families and received an education typically given to young women during that time, including domestic skills and arts studies. Additionally, she learned to read and write before becoming an avid reader of scripture, religious literature, novels and magazines.

She was blessed with an array of talents that set her apart from other contemporary women: being strong yet dutiful, charming yet sincere and warm socially adept were among them. Due to these attributes she attracted numerous suitors but ultimately settled upon Daniel Parke Custis as her spouse.

Curt and she have lived in many locations such as Merced, CA; Selma Alabama; Puerto Rico before moving to North Carolina where they launched an advertising and web design business. Together they have three children and five grandchildren.

Professional Career

Martha MacCallum is an entrepreneur and owner/operator of multiple businesses. Additionally, she hosts Fox News Channel shows such as Fox & Friends, The Story with Martha MacCallum and Fox Files as a Fox News Channel host and lead reporter of election exit polls since 2004.

She is the founder and President of IMRI and Cytellix Corporation, two technology companies providing security services. With 35 years of IT experience spanning both corporate and government environments, she brings extensive expertise in providing security services.

She has written many books and regularly serves as a keynote speaker at various business events. Additionally, she serves on numerous boards and committees at La Verne as a member of its Board of Trustees; PEO and Afternoon Circle membership are among her other affiliations.

Achievement and Honors

Martha Daniel has earned numerous honors throughout her business career, such as being honored with a Women in Business award by the Orange County Business Journal. Additionally, several of her businesses appear regularly on its list of Orange County’s premier family-owned firms.

Clients of this firm include federal government entities, civilian agencies and large corporations such as Aerojet General, ARCO and IBM. Services provided include cybersecurity services, data center operations/consolidationss management as well as program management.

Coast Magazine honored her as one of the inaugural “Women of the Coast.” She serves on United Way Orange County’s Board Development Committee and Cal State Fullerton’s Philanthropic Board of Directors; furthermore she attends Christ Our Redeemer African Methodist Episcopal Church as well as being a Trustee at University of La Verne.

Personal Life

Martha was married twice and had several children. Involved with several clubs and societies such as Afternoon Circle and PEO, she enjoyed traveling the world reading widely as well as meeting many new people through First Presbyterian Church of Rogers where she made many close friendships.

Daniel Parke Custis, a wealthy plantation owner in Williamsburg, Virginia was taken by her beauty and charming demeanor at a Williamsburg cotillion. Though initially reluctant, after intervention by family friends for Daniel Parke Custis on her behalf, they eventually agreed.

After her husband’s passing, she continued her active involvement in her community as a beloved friend to many. She advocated tirelessly for human and animal rights as a philanthropist as well as contributing to arts and culture in her local area.

Net Worth

Martha MacCallum is an esteemed journalist and news anchor who has established herself in her field. As part of Fox News Channel, she hosts her show The Story with Martha MacCallum which has built up an avid following from viewers.

Formerly, she worked at WBIS-TV, Wall Street Journal TV and America’s Newsroom before joining Fox in January 2004. Alongside her journalism career, she has also participated in several charity efforts; including serving on Laurentians in Residence Council of 2014 Panel in New York City as well as Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child Board of Trustee.

Daniel John Gregory has an estimated net worth of one million as Vice President of Gregory Packaging Inc, which manufactures Suncup products. They have been married for decades and seem very contented together.

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