matthew dunn books in order

Matthew Dunn Books In Order

Matthew Dunn Books In Order

As a former MI6 officer, Matthew Dunn knows the secret world and has written many novels about it. He has also served as a military intelligence officer and is a creative adviser to the British media industry. In his writing, he focuses on the uncertainty of fear and the matter-of-fact brutality that people in the intelligence game witness daily.

His debut novel, Spy Catcher, drew readers in like a tsunami and went down in history as one of the most electrifying espionage thriller debuts for years. He has since released several other thrillers, including Sentinel and Slingshot. He also wrote a series of books featuring Will Cochrane, a spy with a deft superspy streak who has never been outplayed by his enemies.

He has also written a few romantic comedy novels, and is currently working on a series of books about a country footballer who has a chance to reach the Premiership but must choose between his life and his career.

The Spy Catcher trilogy by Matthew Dunn was a sensation when it came out in 2014. It became a number one best-seller on Amazon, and has been translated into many languages.

In addition to his spy writing, Matthew Dunn has also written a series of romance novels and is a columnist for The Times, The Guardian and Glamour Magazine. He lives in England and is a married father of two children.

His espionage writing is well-received by readers worldwide and his books are often adapted into movies. He has also won a number of awards for his books, including the British Book Awards and the International Crime Writers Association Award for best thriller.

He spent 5 years in the British Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6, as a field operative. In this role, he recruited and ran agents, coordinated and participated in special operations, and operated in deep cover roles throughout the world. In these environments, he would typically travel extensively as he risked his life to collect secret intelligence support from around the world in support of the West’s fight against hostile and unpredictable regimes, state-sponsored terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Matthew Dunn was security cleared to the highest level in Britain. He was bound by an eternal pledge of secrecy regarding his methods of work, agents, missions and overall knowledge of the British Intelligence community and its allies.

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