Max Verstappen And Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen Have a History of Hard Love

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are two of the most exciting drivers in Formula One, rivals who have been locked together in a ferocious championship battle. They have a history of hard love and it has resulted in a season of high drama and spectacular action.

Their early careers have been very similar to each other – both were incredibly talented and entered F1 as a junior driver, but had a shaky start before eventually getting to grips with the sport. Both became the youngest ever race winners in 2016 and subsequently impressed everyone with their driving.

Despite his young age, Verstappen has already become the most successful F1 driver in terms of points scored in his debut year, with 13 wins so far. That’s a record no other driver has achieved since Michael Schumacher in 2004 and Sebastian Vettel in 2013.

He won his first Grand Prix at only 17 years old.

After impressing with Red Bull in his debut race in the Spanish Grand Prix, he has been on fire. The Dutchman won the next three races in a row to give him a comfortable lead in the title race. He has now won five of the seven races so far this season and sits just four points behind Hamilton in the championship, although he did lose a point in last week’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix after colliding with Lewis Hamilton.

The title race between the two is an all-time showdown of F1’s eras and it is a very entertaining contest indeed. The championship has gone back and forth between them four times since the start of the season, with neither driver having led by more than eight points at any time.

They have both made some bold statements and been prickly with the media over some controversial issues. Whether it is their approach to racing or their opinion of F1’s stewards, this season has been full of drama and controversy.

Both are polarising figures in the F1 world and the way they drive has been criticised by some of their peers. But both have done an incredible job in taking their rivals on and making them work.

Their relationship has been respectful up until this year but has turned sour over the past few months as they have slugged it out in wheel-to-wheel combat. The championship has been a high-octane affair and the final round in Abu Dhabi will be one of the most exciting races in recent memory.

In a season that has seen both drivers come from the rear of the grid, Hamilton and Verstappen have been the dominant force in F1’s race at the front. This will come down to the way each driver deals with adversity, as well as who has been the most consistent.

This season has been one of the most fascinating in recent F1 history and it is a real testament to how much the sport has changed since Schumacher won his title in 2004. It is also a sign of how the sport has become more regulated, with the rules now clearly aimed at improving the sport rather than just ensuring it’s safe for everyone involved.

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