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Dave Edlund, Better Known As McCovey Cove Dave, is a Giants Fan Favorite

Dave Edlund is a familiar face at McCovey Cove, the area just outside AT&T Park where fans float kayaks to catch home run balls from AT&T Park players. Nicknamed McCovey Cove Dave by local fans, the 2016 Fansided Fan of the Year has amassed 42 splash hits since 2001!

Early Life and Education

Since 2000 when the Giants first moved into their ballpark palace by the bay, fans have flocked to McCovey Cove – named in honor of Giants legend Willie McCovey – like bees to honey. While some come for floating parties or to catch some television time there are others looking for that perfect home run ball. Dave Edlund is well known as McCovey Cove Dave as someone who has perfected this art form.

Edlund was born and raised in Oakland before graduating from Skyline High School. Following this he attended UC Berkeley to study economics before leaving to follow his passion of home run ball chasing at Cove Beach – and it has been doing just that ever since – nabbing 42 homers so far!

Professional Career

McCovey was signed by the Giants out of high school in 1956, spending three seasons in their minor league system before being called up to join their major league squad in 1963. Soon thereafter he established himself as an outstanding power hitter; leading both home runs and RBI records from 1963 through 1969 in National League play.

At his time with the Giants, he quickly established himself as one of baseball’s most beloved figures. As part of their 1962 World Series championship team and considered one of history’s finest left-handed home run hitters upon retirement.

Today he can be found gliding along in his kayak outside Oracle Park watching San Francisco Giants games–although instead of sitting in seats he floats around McCovey Cove hoping to catch home run balls!

Achievement and Honors

Locals affectionately refer to Dave Edlund as McCovey Cove Dave; he is a fixture in this corner of San Francisco Bay during game times, scooping up home run balls that land there. McCovey Cove Dave has become a beloved character among fans, having appeared in multiple television shows and even featured as a bobblehead!

At 22-years old, he earned six All-Star selections, was National League MVP in 1969, and ranks third on all-time home run lists with 521 homers. Along with Ted Williams and Rickey Henderson, he holds the distinction of homering in four different decades of baseball play.

He has amassed an ardent fan base and enjoys building relationships with them – even taking one out to a game in his kayak!

Personal Life

McCovey was raised in Mobile, Alabama and quickly gained recognition by playground directors thanks to his long arms and natural talent with the bat. One such director offered assistance in developing his abilities further.

He quickly progressed through the Giants minor league system and reached the majors in 1959, quickly becoming a fan favorite and leading the National League in home runs and RBI for six consecutive seasons from 1965-70.

By 1974, he had established himself as one of the Giants’ top hitters behind NL MVP Willie Mays. Later that season he was traded to San Diego but ultimately sold back to Oakland after having struggled there for one season.

Now he works as a security guard and attends approximately 10 Giants games annually, gathering eight Pablo Sandoval homeruns at The Cove! He says this allows him to engage with fans online.

Net Worth

McCovey excelled as a first baseman for 22 seasons with 19 of those coming with the San Francisco Giants. He finished his career with 521 homers and 2,211 hits.

He was an outstanding hitter, nearly equaling Willie Mays in terms of offensive numbers for the Giants, coming close to winning the World Series in 1962 but limited by mismanagement from Giants brass and chronic knee problems in his mid-30s knees.

McCovey Cove was also known for being home to some great fielders and catchers; one such player who managed the pressures of such high-profile roles and became one of baseball’s most loved figures was McCovey himself, making his fan base all the happier for it. People regularly visited this small body of water nearby the ballpark to catch balls or be part of his activities; many visited to catch one themselves!

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