Meaghan Luce

Meaghan Luce – Rest of World Technology Correspondent

Meaghan Luce serves as The Post’s China technology correspondent. She possesses proficiency in Mandarin, and has written extensively about China.

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Early Life and Education

At NYU Silver, she serves as both Seminar in Field Instruction Coordinator and Post Master’s Certificate Program Director. With more than four decades of teaching MSW students and supervising social workers – in areas including HIV/AIDS care, end-of-life care and social work education – as well as being recognized as a leader in her field, Ms. Garza has proven herself an acclaimed educator who champions Latino causes while remaining an innovative thought leader.

Meaghan Luce holds two degrees from New York University: food studies and public health as a bachelor, and law and diplomacy from Tufts’ Fletcher School as master’s degrees; she speaks Mandarin fluently, having studied both in Taiwan and Beijing as part of Luce Scholar and Boren Fellowship programs.

Professional Career

Meaghan was an exceptional teacher and an active participant in her community, leaving behind parents, extended family, and countless friends behind her. At this difficult time, they’re seeking assistance in covering funeral costs – please consider contributing whatever amount is possible!

Megan exudes an infectious passion for math that her students find infectious. She makes difficult concepts seem accessible while giving plenty of opportunity for questioning and communication between herself and the class.

She co-founded PERL as an advocate for criminal justice reform and provides peer support for survivors of sexual violence. As such, she was instrumental in persuading Memphis police to test thousands of rape kits they hadn’t tested prior. Furthermore, she contributed frequently to The Appeal.

Achievement and Honors

Meaghan Luce became the inaugural Lewis and Clark student or alumni to receive the Henry Luce Foundation scholarship, providing aid for international research that furthers professional goals. We at The Post are honored that she will serve as our China technology reporter for Rest of World coverage; her proficiency with Mandarin as well as deep insight into Chinese culture will serve her well in her new position.

Erin Marcinowski serves as administrative liaison to Honors Carolina deans, providing executive-level support and organizing recruiting events and visits, managing workshops for program enhancement, and serving as primary public contact point.

Meghan Tobin works closely with Will Froelich Honors Fellowship recipients to assist them in planning how they’d like their $7.500 award allocated toward academic, career and international engagement opportunities such as global programs, internships or research. In addition, she teaches, coaches and facilitates workshops for them.

Personal Life

Meaghan Luce of Charlestown was the daughter of Glenn Luce and Ann Marie O’Malley-Luce and had one older sibling in Adam as well as step-mother Christine. Meaghan loved being an aunty to Connor and Brody Luce as well as numerous cousins and friends; now, she has joined both of her parents and sister in heaven.

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Clare Boothe Luce was an outstanding individual renowned for her many talents, entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. As an associate editor of Vanity Fair she helped lead the Suffrage movement while founding Fortune magazine as well as being honored as part of the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Net Worth

Meghan Luce has served as Director, Government Pricing of Akebia Therapeutics since 2022 and is estimated to be worth more than $1.25 Million dollars as of May 1st. According to Form 4 filings with the SEC, Meghan has made over 17 trades of BSX stock during that time, on average trading 2,416 shares every 36 days on average – her most recent exercise being 2,062 worth $283,927 on June 24th 2021! For her complete history of insider trading transactions click here

GuruFocus tracks ownership reports from Form 4 filings to monitor her holdings of 19 other companies. GuruFocus tracks insider trades by these individuals to track their performance over time; click here for a full list.

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