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Siesta Key Cast Members and Celebrities

Siesta Key is a reality TV series that follows a group of friends who live in the Florida town of Sarasota. The show focuses on hookups, breakups and career pursuits.

It’s a milder MTV reality soap opera than other shows on the network, but it still features skimpy bikinis, alcohol and some drunken behavior. Parents need to be aware of this.

Juliette Porter is one of the stars of Siesta Key. She is a television personality and entrepreneur who gained her popularity through the show. She has an estimated net worth of $2 million, according to her social media profile.

Kelsey Owens is another star of the show, and she is also a model. She has an alleged net worth of $2 million, and she’s signed with NEXT Worldwide and Wilhelmina Model Management.

Lexie Salameh is also a cast member of Siesta Key. She is a real estate agent who is dating Cory Ammaturo, a man who has recently moved to Florida.

Her relationship with Mike Vasquez, who is her ex-boyfriend from the show, was a hot topic in 2022, but it appears that she has finally broken up with him. On December 26, she posted a picture on Instagram with her new partner and fans congratulated her for making the right decision.

Chloe Trautman is also a Siesta Key star and is very popular on social media. She was once rumored to be dating Alex Kompothecras, but she is now with Chris Long.

It seems like she has been on her best behavior since splitting with Alex, but there are still rumors that she is not happy with her new boyfriend. The Siesta Key star has a lot of love and respect for her co-stars, and she keeps them close to her.

She is a very active social media user, and she also uses her platform to promote brands. She has over 365k followers on her Facebook page.

Amanda Miller is another Siesta Key star who has a lot of followers on her social media. She is an avid traveler and a model. She is a very good photographer, and she has a big fan following on Instagram.

Her parents are doctors, and they both have a lot of knowledge and experience in medicine. She has an alleged net worth of $1+ million, and she’s a popular social media influencer who makes money through sponsored posts.

Garrett Miller is another reality star on Siesta Key who has a large net worth. He is the executive producer of the show, and he is also a doctor. He has a huge network of friends and is a model, which helps him earn money on the show.

He is a great friend of Juliette Porter and Sam Logan, and has become quite close with them over the years.

The two have even taken on roles on the show as a couple, and they even appeared together in the latest episode of Siesta Key.

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