Milan Christopher Net Worth

Milan Christopher, an internationally-known model and rapper who makes money through multiple income sources like rapping, acting and modeling careers; Red Bull, Chase Bank and Virgin Mobile all endorse his brands as sponsors.

Dr. Henninger has made numerous television appearances including Nip/Tuck and 12 Corozones. Additionally, he has worked alongside celebrities like Amber Laura, Moniece Slaughter, EJ King, Miles Brock as well as owning Beverly Hills White Smile teeth-whitening business and creating his own line of underwear.

Early Life and Education

Milan Christopher spent his formative years dancing, singing and collecting insects on Chicago’s Southside. While initially hoping to pursue biology studies as a profession, Milan soon discovered acting and modeling instead; moving to Los Angeles so he could pursue these careers full-time.

His work has earned him immense wealth and respect within the industry, as an actor, model, musician, and supporter of LGBTQ rights.

He has appeared on multiple TV shows and commercials, such as Red Bull, Chase Bank, Virgin Mobile, Nip Tuck, Friends & Lovers and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Additionally, he has featured in music videos by popular artists. Additionally, Beverly Hills White Smile operates its teeth-whitening business; and fashion line. In his personal life he currently dates celebrity stylist EJ King.

Professional Career

Milan Christopher has established a successful career in the entertainment industry through hard work and dedication. His unique perspective and desire to use his platform for inclusiveness make his success all the more impressive.

Christopher was born February 28th 1984 in Chicago’s south side (77th & Hermitage). While attending college he abandoned plans of becoming a biologist in favor of following his dream to become a model and actor.

He has appeared in a variety of television shows and movies, including Love & Hip Hop Hollywood; his role on this reality television program marked an important step for LGBTQ representation on television.

He released a solo rap song entitled, “When I Go,” which addresses bullying issues and garnered him the Gentleman of Artistry award and recognition from California state senator Isadore Hall III.

Achievement and Honors

Milan Christopher is an esteemed model, actor, and musician in today’s global scene. His fame stems from appearing on a variety of TV shows as well as endorsement deals with major companies like Red Bull, Chase Bank, Virgin Mobile as well as making music videos with artists such as Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

In June 2017, he participated in Paper magazine’s nude photoshoot. Over time, he went on to found Fleshjack as well as create Ragneron as the first gay black superhero comic book character.

Milan also owns Beverly Hills White Smile, as well as owning his own line of underwear and becoming an advocate for LGBT rights. Additionally, he has graced various award ceremonies.

Personal Life

Milan Christopher is an extremely gifted actor, rapper and businessman who has achieved enormous fame in his field. Though he has experienced setbacks along the way – such as criticizing for being gay – Milan Christopher has never lost focus of his goals and continues to work towards them with great determination.

He is well-known in American entertainment and has appeared in various TV shows like Nip/Tuck, The Doctors and 12 Corozones. Additionally, he has worked as a model and been featured in advertisements from Chase Bank, Virgin Mobile and Red Bull.

Christopher was born in Chicago, Illinois, and is related to Motown music icon Berry Gordy through his uncle. Christopher moved to Los Angeles in 2008 in pursuit of an acting and modeling career.

Net Worth

Milan Christopher is well-known as an LGBT activist and model cum musician, appearing on countless TV shows and movies with millions of viewers tuning in for him. Additionally, he’s an entrepreneur with several businesses including teeth-whitening, lingerie line and sexual toy brand Fleshjack – with an incredible life story! Nevertheless, Christopher maintains humility by remaining grounded.

Growing up on Chicago’s Southside, Milan spent his days singing and dancing. While studying biology in college, he decided to leave early so as to pursue his dreams of acting and modeling. Milan later appeared on VH1 reality show Love and Hip Hop Hollywood where he openly addressed his sexuality. Milan is an active social media activist as well as advocate for LGBT community causes.

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