Mira Henry

Mira Henry

Mira Henry (born 1978) gained experience working as a project architect before founding Los Angeles-based practice Henry Architecture (HA). Additionally, she serves as design faculty member at SCI-Arc and her work deconstructs how architectural forms and representation are translated into real world spaces.

Early Life and Education

D’Mira was finally born after years of trying to have a girl among three boys on February 16, 2005. She quickly became a beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and friend; attending Gertrude Walden Daycare Center and J.D. Parker Elementary School during her early schooling journey before her family relocated to St Lucie West and she completed high school at Treasure Coast High School.

Mira is a designer and educator working at the intersection of art, architecture and education. Her built work exhibits her critical approach towards objective distance while celebrating subjectivity and identity. Mira co-founded Current Interests architectural design studio as well as teaching at Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Professional Career

Mira Henry is co-principal of Current Interests, an architectural design practice in Los Angeles. Additionally, she serves as design faculty at Southern California Institute of Architecture where she coordinates undergraduate design studios and coordinates their summer program for local youth – DID Summer Program. Mira’s formal research and writing focus around architecture, race, and materiality.

As a designer, she is drawn to exploring how buildings come to be constructed, especially construction drawings, material specs and how architects envision their vision being brought into reality.

Mira is seeking upmarket adult fiction that draws her in with its engaging character-driven literary explorations, visually appealing prose, and commercially appealing plotlines. She does not favor horror, erotica or commercial romance novels and is an active member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

Achievement and Honors

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Mira Henry is co-principal of Current Interests, an architectural design practice located in California that collaborates with student architects. She serves on the design faculty at SCI-Arc and her built work is founded upon material specificity, color relationships and assembly details to engage critical cultural thought. Mira received the 2019 League Prize award and presented her work at its associated lecture series.

Personal Life

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Mira Henry is co-principal of Current Interests architectural design practice and teaches at SCI-Arc. She has taken part in many symposia, lectures, and exhibitions nationwide and her built work reflects notions such as material specificity, color relationships, assembly details and assembly details. Mira holds both Bachelor of Arts in Art History from University of Chicago and Master of Architecture from UCLA.

Net Worth

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