Mommy Jacking

Mommy Jacking – Meet the Self-Involved MommyJacker

As soon as you meet a seemingly well-mannered mum, however, you quickly come to realize she has been mommy-jacked.

Mommyjackers love to bring up their children as the subject of every conversation, as she believes everyone’s day will benefit from hearing about their latest adorable anecdote.

Early Life and Education

At first, The Tired MommyJacker seems like an enthusiastic mother always up for night out and coffee dates, until you begin noticing that she has become increasingly distant over time, opting instead to hang out with Grace alone instead of you. That is because this mother is using her children as leverage against social climbers – continually complaining of how exhausted she is while reminding them how demanding her life is in comparison with theirs, as well as finding ways to bring up baby in any conversation regardless of topic or relevance.

This mother may oppose epidurals, formula feedings, public schooling and germs; she tends to be self-centered and overly entitled, thinking her children are the most important people on Earth.

Professional Career

Mommy Jobs Online (MJOL) is a paid website offering workers access to remote work opportunities. Joining costs $85 one time; once in place new members gain access to their job list.

MJOL stands out from similar websites by providing members with exclusive jobs and an interview process – something other free membership sites cannot. This feature can help detect scammers.

The Mommy Jacker is an overly-involved mother who believes she can solve all your problems by sharing anecdotes about their child’s achievements, frequently mentioning him or her and dominating every conversation with their cuteness. While well meaning, their behavior often comes off as rude or condescending.

Personal Life

Mommyjackers often exhibit some selfish tendencies, but the Self-Involved MommyJacker goes above and beyond this norm. She injects her baby into every conversation, no matter the topic at hand. She delights in motherhood and wants others to share in that joy; furthermore her views regarding organic food, epidurals, formula and public schooling cannot be denied and are shared openly with all parties involved.

Once you meet this cool mum and accept her invite to hang out, over time you realize Grace has taken over as the one inviting you out – even though her friends were all supposed to be getting along fine without Grace stepping in as a mediator! Grace makes excuses about being busy before lurking online to spy on your life and make sure she’s not being forgotten about!

Net Worth

Mommy jackers make money through sponsored content on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram; some even maintain blogs. Amanda Mulherin, 34 years old at the time of daughter’s birth in 2012 started “AmandaMuse” mommy vlog; four years later it started making money through campaigns with brands and has become one of the world’s most viewed vlogs.

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