Monica Noel

Monica Noel is a Certified Financial Planner

The family resides in a luxurious Greenwich home valued at over $6 million on Round Hill Road and divides their time between Brazil and Switzerland for summer vacation. Three of their daughters Corina, Lisinia and Alix married wealthy foreigners in high society circles.

Noel’s firm earned hundreds of millions – possibly $1 billion – in fees from investing money with Madoff over 20 years, according to lawsuits. Additionally, Noel and her husband own property in Palm Beach and Southampton along with an apartment on Park Avenue as well as Yemanja on Mustique – two exclusive islands in the Caribbean.

Early Life and Education

The Noels were an established, well-connected family whose wealth was managed by Fairfield Greenwich Group’s money management services. They hosted lavish parties with friends from high society. Owning homes in Greenwich, Palm Beach and the Hamptons as well as having a Park Avenue pied-a-terre. Even more extraordinary was a hilltop Caribbean retreat named after an ancient goddess that they visited with Mick Jagger and Tommy Hilfiger as guests!

They embraced old money country club culture, often seen together at social events hosted by East West Players. Additionally, they were dedicated to LGBTQ and Asian community service efforts.

Professional Career

The Noels were an elite family – their wealth built through connections and social climbing. Their five tall and attractive daughters married well and were frequent socialites, becoming friends of Mick Jagger and Tommy Hilfiger among others. Walter Noel ran an investment firm which provided access to world’s elite.

The family lived an extravagant lifestyle, enjoying trips to Hamptons and Palm Beach on vacations as well as luxury homes in Greenwich and elsewhere, including an apartment on Park Avenue. They shopped at boutique stores, dined at top-of-the-line restaurants, and attended high society events – the epitome of living the high life!

Monica attended Westchester Business Institute and quickly started working in accounting. Since then she has specialized in individual income taxation, small business taxation and payroll. Monica enjoys playing poker as a hobby as well as spending time with family.

Achievement and Honors

Monica is an accomplished Broadway actress who has understudied stars such as Laura Linney and Anna Gunn. Additionally, Monica has held positions such as travel writer/host/community impresario/social media influencer/public speaker/Emotional Intelligence Facilitator/philosophy podcaster/live event host/entrepreneur as well as being certified financial planner with extensive expertise in investment, estate taxation planning/risk/retirement strategies as well as being trained at Atelier School of Aesthetics of New York City to become trained in aesthetics aesthetics art of aesthetics training/expertise/entrepreneurship

Personal Life

Monica hails from Bronx, New York. After graduating with an associate degree in accounting from Westchester Business Institute and working for non-profit organizations before starting at Blau, Monica began specializing in individual income tax returns and small business taxes as her key focus at Blau. Additionally, Monica also has experience in payroll processing and QuickBooks; in her free time she enjoys playing poker and spending time with family.

The Noels were once well-regarded members of Connecticut and Palm Beach society, boasting luxurious homes in both locations as well as a Park Avenue apartment and hilltop retreat on an island named after an ancient goddess. They hosted lavish parties featuring celebrities like Mick Jagger and Tommy Hilfiger – now they’re being shunned from social circles that once courted them.

Net Worth

Walter Noel’s Greenwich investment firm channeled billions from hundreds of clients into Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme and lost an estimated $7 billion from clients who invested through him.

Noel and Monica Noel recently sold their four-bedroom Palm Beach estate at 243 Tangier Avenue to investment firm Heather Baines and Lloyd McAdams for an estimated sales price of $6.6 Million, according to property records.

Noel’s family reportedly holds substantial assets across a wide array of investments, including New York City townhouses and luxury cars, boats, and jets. But legal fees could quickly sap their wealth; Noel alone faces over two dozen lawsuits filed by investors who claim he perpetrated his scam scheme.

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