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Morgan Leigh Norman – Biography and Net Worth

Morgan Norman is the daughter of renowned Australian businessman and golf player Greg Norman. She is a married woman who resides in Florida with her husband. She has two sons named Harrison and Hendrix and a daughter born in 2018.

Her spouse Chris Dillavou works at The Greg Norman Company. The cooperation deals with designing golf courses, vineyards, eyeglasses, cuisine, restaurants, and real estate.

Early Life and Education

Morgan grew up on her father’s farm, where she learned to appreciate nature. She enjoys hunting, fishing and hiking. Her family has a tradition of hunting pheasants in the spring, and she often sees prairie wolves in the wild.

She married Chris Dillavou, a business executive, in 2012. They have two sons named Harrison and Hendrix and a daughter born in 2018. Her husband is deeply involved with the family company and previously worked for primary real estate developer Brookfield Office Properties.

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Professional Career

Greg Norman’s daughter Morgan-leigh is a business chief and culinary expert. She and her spouse Chris Dillavou, who she met while at Boston College, have three children – sons Harrison and Hendrix and a baby girl.

She is the brand ambassador of The Greg Norman Company. The company designs golf courses, vineyards, eyeglasses, cuisine, restaurants, real estate, and clothing. On her Twitter bio, she mentions Chef & Wine Educator, which implies that she is involved in the company’s Cuisine department.

While most of her schooling details are obscure to general society and media, she moved to the US at some point essentially since she stowed away a degree in English Language from Boston College. She is hitched to Chris Dillavou, who serves as a vice president at one of the many businesses owned by her father’s organization.

Personal Life

Morgan Leigh Norman is married to Chris Dillavou and the couple has three children, two sons named Harrison and Hendrix and a daughter. The couple has been together since 2012 and both her husband and she are involved in the family business.

The couple has kept their kids away from the spotlight and we can only catch a glimpse of them through her social media pages. She was previously in a relationship with a professional Spanish golf player, however, the union ended up being turbulent.

The business chief is an avid foodie and enjoys trying out new restaurants. She is also a huge fan of fashion and beauty and is always on the lookout for the latest trends. Moreover, she is also an animal lover and loves to spend time with her beloved pets.

Net Worth

Morgan has been working in the family company since her childhood and has accumulated a sizable fortune due to her fruitful business career. Her actual net worth, however, remains unknown to the general public. Her father is a multi-millionaire who has a jaw-dropping total assets of $400 million as of 2022.

Norman’s business specializes in golf course design, wine production, real estate, fashion, eyeglasses, restaurants, and cuisine. He is also the founder of a number of charities and foundations.

Norman’s daughter, Morgan Leigh, is married to Chris Dillavou. They have two children, Harrison and Hendrix born in 2014 and 2016, and a daughter, Poppy Norman Dillavou, born in 2018. The couple met at Boston College. They are living a happy life together. They are currently based in Hobe Sound, Florida.

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