Murder Suicide In Oklahoma City

Homicide-Suicide in Oklahoma City

When a woman walks her dog in Oklahoma City she is not only rewarded with a spooky sight, but also a grisly murder-suicide. She discovered a car parked on a curb with four dead bodies inside. The occupants included a man and three small children, some of which are under seven years of age.

What do you get when you combine a murder-suicide with a rogue prankster? What do you get when you add a man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound? That’s the question the OKC police are trying to answer, despite the apprehension of many neighbors. Thankfully, a family friend has offered his services. He helped raise nearly $1,200 to help with funeral expenses.

On Saturday morning, the OKC Police Department received a call in regards to a welfare check for the home in the 2200 block of Graham Avenue. After reviewing the information, officers were sent to the scene. However, they did not find the father of the three little ones. Instead, they found the dead and the unborn. Fortunately, police are on the hunt for the suspects. They have not yet released the names of the victims, but will do so soon.

There are no arrests yet, but an Amber Alert has been issued, and the police are preparing for another round of re-routing the kids home. While the victims’ names have not been released, the identities of the adults are known. One adult is a homicide victim, while the other is suffering from a workplace head injury.

In addition to the aforementioned homage, the Oklahoma City Police department has also released details of an attempted murder-suicide. It has been unclear why the couple was involved in the crime, but the growing financial pressures have been a likely contributing factor.

Several witnesses have described the scene as being terrifying, including a 9-year-old girl who ran to a nearby grocery store for help. Another child was found in a safe location, but the identity of the father remains a mystery.

Other than the obvious and the obvious, the best way to describe the homicide-suicide is that it was one of the most chilling events in recent memory. As if the murder-suicide was not enough, the suspects have a history of threatening statements. Their latest came on Sunday, when a family friend was notified that the father was planning to harm his children. Although the police are still analyzing the evidence, they are not ruling out possible connections.

It is not surprising that the OKC Police Department is investigating a murder-suicide in an area of high crime and low resources. This is especially true in the wake of another rash of killings a few miles north. Despite the fact that the aforementioned homicide is the most important one, the others have yet to be determined.

Although it is not surprising to see an Oklahoma City murder-suicide, the case has been treated with a heightened sense of urgency. Neighbors are in shock and the community will remain in mourning for the foreseeable future.

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