My Dad Is A Hero Mom Is A Spirit

My Dad is a Hero and Mom is a Spirit

Whenever I look at my dad I see a hero. He is a man of great character who loves his family. He is a hero who does things that help others and saves lives. His spirit is what makes me want to be like him.


Having a super dad is not only fun but it gives the children a sense of security. For instance, the kids are always safe when they see their father on a swing. The kids can also get a kick out of the latest gadgets. In fact, the kids have an idea what the latest gadget is because their dad is a jack of all trades.

There is also a sense of pride in knowing that your dad is a hero and you know it. The best part is, your kids will always be safe because your dad is a hero.


During a mission, a reincarnated spirit (half-spirit, to be precise) falls in love with a human girl. Ellen, the half-spirit, keeps her identity a secret from her parents and is able to manipulate the elements of the periodic table. But despite her powers, Ellen is unable to explain her abilities in the current world. The only explanation is that the departed spirits are passing down their bloodline to keep existing. However, these spirits are not able to think straight and can only end their suffering by ceasing.

Ellen is the reincarnation of a scientist from the modern day Japan. She was able to access memories of her previous life. She is also able to manipulate the elements of the periodic chart. At first glance, she seems to be a perfect little girl. But, she will soon discover that she is not. And, her powers may only be her curse. She will have to work to free herself from this curse.

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