Mynique Smith

Mynique Smith – Personal Trainer and Reality TV Star

Mynique Smith is a personal trainer by trade and reality TV star. She is married to former NFL player Chuck Smith and they share two sons and a daughter together; all live in Atlanta Georgia living a healthy lifestyle.

Mynique and her family share an avid passion for sports, often attending football games with her husband and their friends. Additionally, Mynique knows RHOA cast members like NeNe Leakes and Sheree Whitfield personally.

Early Life and Education

Mynique Smith is both a homemaker and personal trainer. She specializes in showing exercise routines to clients as well as tailoring each workout specifically to each client’s needs for optimal results. In her free time, Mynique can be found exercising or with her two sons and one daughter – including husband Chuck! She lives with Chuck Smith as part of their blended family in North Carolina.

Though she has yet to join RHOA as an official cast member, she remains close to Nene Leakes and her husband has expressed an interest in having her as either a guest or regular cast member on the show.

Mynique revealed on RHOA that her husband once had romantic relationships with both Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks for an undisclosed length of time; later he admitted they dated back-and-forth for years; eventually moving on, playing for University of Tennessee football team as well as participating in Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl games.

Professional Career

Mynique Smith, wife of former NFL player Mike Smith, has made her mark as both a personal trainer and reality TV star. Currently living in Atlanta with her husband and two sons.

Mynique offers personal training services for professional football players and coaches. She displays exercise routines to her clients and guides them in following them, tailoring new exercises to their individual needs for optimal results.

Recently, reports surfaced of Mynique Smith joining Bravo’s reality series The Real Housewives of Miami as a cast member. Mynique’s husband Chuck has expressed support if this comes true and Mynique already knows one of its cast members – NeNe Leakes from Athens is amongst them!

Achievement and Honors

After Roomgate, the girls must readjust to reality. NeNe invites Mynique Smith over for tea about the Girls and Gays party; Mynique then teases Phaedra and Kandi about their connections to Chuck Smith before getting called out by Porsha for being disrespectful and disobeying orders.

Reality Tea contacted Chuck Smith who confirmed Mynique will appear as either a guest or recurring cast member in Season 12 of RHOA. Reality Tea spoke with Chuck about Mynique appearing, though not as yet being cast member on RHOA.

Mynique Smith is a personal trainer and married to former Atlanta Falcons football player Chuck Smith; together they share three children. Mynique has also served as a parliamentary assistant in Ontario and completed work on a long-term care review for George Smitherman’s government.

Personal Life

Mynique Smith is a personal trainer by trade and married to former NFL football player Chuck Smith; together they share four children. According to reports, Mynique has been approached by Bravo Networks about becoming part of Real Housewives of Atlanta; in Savannah she has already been seen filming scenes alongside NeNe Leakes of RHOA fame!

She will join a cast of six women that includes Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss in the coming season of “Quantico.” Her presence will add a key new dynamic to the show.

Mynique’s husband is a former NFL defensive end who spent eight seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. Additionally, he’s worked as a sports radio personality and an assistant coach within the league. Mynique herself is both devoted mother and active community activist.

Net Worth

Before joining The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Burruss had already built up an impressive resume in entertainment projects. She was known as an esteemed dancer and featured prominently on Disney’s That’s So Raven as well as Channing Tatum-starring romantic dance film Step Up.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Burruss to be worth US$30 Million and that she has several income-generating ventures including an adult lifestyle company and fashion line that bring in income.

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