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Jane Wyman – Actress and Singer

Wyman made her breakthrough into leading roles with her role as Mary in the 1938 film Brother Rat. That same year she married dress manufacturer Myron Futterman; however, their union would prove short-lived.

She earned a Best Actress nomination for her performance as Orry Baxter from The Yearling, and won a Golden Globe award in 1981 for playing Angela Channing, one of Falcon Crest’s vilified matriarchs.

Early Life and Education

Myron Futterman was born in 1900 and died in 1965. He married Sarah Jane Mayfield and together they had three children; Myron worked as a laborer at a food company.

Sarah Jane Mayfield (later Wyman) was born in St Joseph, Missouri in 1917 to Manning J. Mayfield (a labourer at a food company) and Gladdys Hope Christian (a doctor’s stenographer). Following their separation in 1921, Wyman’s mother placed her with Richard and Emma Fulks as foster parents – later taking their surname when moving with them to southern California.

She started out as an unknown actor before landing the lead in “Johnny Belinda.” From there, she quickly rose through the ranks to become one of film and television’s leading actresses, winning several awards along the way. Additionally, she went through two divorces before marrying President Ronald Reagan as his first wife in 1985.

Professional Career

After appearing in several bit parts and B comedies, Wyman finally gained notice in 1945 for her masterful portrayal of a deaf-mute rape victim in The Lost Weekend; from there on out, her straight dramatic roles became increasingly well received.

At Warner Brothers, Wyman appeared alongside William Hopper in Public Wedding (1937), Ronald Reagan and Eddie Albert in Brother Rat and a Baby (1940), Dennis Morgan in Bad Men of Missouri (1941), Marlene Dietrich in Stage Fright (1950), Rock Hudson in Magnificent Obsession (1954) and Sterling Hayden in So Big (1953). Following an initial recording career with Decca Records that included singing a duet with Danny Kaye on In the Cool of the Evening (1955-1958), Wyman spent most of her remaining acting years hosting Fireside Theater (later known as The Jane Wyman Theater from 1955 – 1958).

Achievement and Honors

Sarah Jane Foulks was the wife of a grocery shopkeeper. Wyman worked various clerical and retail jobs before starting her film career in 1932 with uncredited roles. She used her married name of Futterman from 1937 until 1948 when she appeared in Brother Rat, co-starring Ronald Reagan (her future husband). At this point she changed to her birth name of Jane Wyman. She gained recognition throughout her career through movie roles nominated for Academy Awards as well as Golden Globe awards. Wyman found even greater fame on television in 1981-1990 with Falcon Crest where her portrayal of Angela Channing won several Soap Opera Digest awards. Frederick Karger became her fifth and sixth husband respectively.

Personal Life

Myron Futterman was born in 1900 and passed away in 1965. In 1937 he married Sarah Jane Mayfield Fulks; this union produced two children.

Wyman first achieved prominence with her portrayal of Ma Baxter in Ross Hunter’s The Yearling (1946), which earned her an Oscar nomination – only to lose to Olivia De Havilland.

Wyman would soon star opposite Van Johnson in Miracle in the Rain and James Stewart in RKO’s Magic Town; additionally she worked on several supporting movies.

She went on to play Angela Channing, a vintner/heiress in Falcon Crest TV series from 1989-1990 despite doctors’ advice to perform this role for five seasons (seven full ones!). Additionally, she wrote one episode during its final season.

Net Worth

Jane Wyman was an iconic actress and singer who earned millions throughout her career. Known for appearing in numerous hit movies and TV shows, musical performances and winning numerous awards during her life – Jane Wyman made millions throughout her career!

Sarah Jane Mayfield later adopted the last name of her foster family as Wyman and later married salesman Ernest Wyman in 1933 before divorcing two years later and marrying dress manufacturer Myron Futterman two years later; but both relationships quickly disintegrated because he refused to have children with her.

She later met actor Ronald Reagan and they married from 1940-1949; when their union ended, she made a comeback as Margaret Wyman in Falcon Crest soap opera.

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