Nail Jack

Nail Jack Pro – How to Remove Nails and Staples From Wood

The Nail Jack, Staple Jack and now drop-forged Nail Jack Pro use patented design to combine leverage of a cat’s claw pry with gripping power of pliers. Their fulcrum shape provides leverage under flush or projecting nail heads to dig, grasp and pull nails or staples from wood surfaces with minimal surface damage.

Achievement and Honors

Honor and achievement are often used interchangeably; however they should be seen as two distinct concepts. Honor refers to recognition for character and actions while achievement refers to successful completion of tasks or goals; for instance receiving the Nobel Prize is considered an honor, while being promoted at work counts as achievement. The Staple Jack is one of several nail jacks available that specialize in extracting small brads and staples from surfaces without leaving marring behind; its unique spoon fulcrum design reduces surface marring as you pry up fasteners while its powerful grip makes complete removal effortless – ideal for anyone struggling to remove stubborn fasteners! This tool makes complete removal effortless – perfect for anyone struggling with stubborn fasteners!

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