Nancy Jones Net Worth

Nancy Jones (born 6 April 1959) is an American Reality Star best known for appearing in numerous VH1 series including Time Matters, Scott Free, Touched and Love & Hip Hop: New York.

She is also an accomplished businesswoman and youth advocate, serving as the fourth wife to George Jones who died April 26, 2013. She is widely credited for saving him from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Early Life and Education

Nancy Ellen Jones was born July 21, 1921 in Wheatland, Wyoming to Isaac Benson and Maude Roys Jones of Wheatland. Her father used his engineering degree from University of Nebraska to travel throughout Western North America and Latin America working on irrigation projects.

After graduating, she entered aquatics as a swim teacher. Additionally, she participated in scuba diving and gained fame for hitting sharks with her air tank to protect other divers – an action which earned her the nickname “Shark Lady.”

Nancy Jones married country music superstar George Jones in 1983 and, throughout their marriage, prioritized supporting his career over seeking personal recognition for herself. Following George’s passing in 2013, Nancy has dedicated herself to upholding his musical legacy and honouring his memory while raising their son Bryan and daughter Dayna together.

Professional Career

Nancy Jones is an American Reality Star with an estimated Net Worth of $51 Million, best known as being married to Country Music superstar George Jones.

Jones studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of New York City and graduated with honours. Following this, she launched two couture denim lines called Gettoe Momz and Gettoe Paz as well as creating Chatt’n with Mama podcast and writing her book entitled Mama Jones: My Guide to Love and Romance.

Jones was an ardent supporter during her husband’s struggle with alcoholism and went with him to rehab in 2017. Later that year, she underwent eye surgery herself and updated fans on Facebook about this procedure by asking them to keep her in their thoughts and prayers. She currently resides in Woodville, Texas.

Achievement and Honors

Nancy Jones, also known as Mama Jones, has become famous through her appearances on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York and its spin-off Chrissy & Mr. Jones series. Additionally, she founded Chatt’n with Mama and published authorship. Additionally, Gettoe Momz and Gettoe Paz were introduced through her couture denim line launch.

She has one son who collaborated with notable rap artists like Juelz Santana and The Game, as well as graduating from Fashion Institute of New York City.

She reportedly has an estimated net worth of $51 Million and prefers to keep her personal life and romantic status private. She currently resides in Woodville, Texas with actor Richard T. Jones; they have been together since 1996 and share two children together.

Personal Life

Nancy Jones (nee Sepulvado) became well known through her 30-year marriage to country music legend George Jones. This union marked a critical point in his life after two previous unhappy unions had failed. Unfortunately, Nancy couldn’t prevent George succumbing to resentments that ultimately caused his death in 2013.

After experiencing illness and tragedy in his personal life, he stunned country music with “He Stopped Loving Her Today”, which became number one for 18 weeks – sparking his comeback into music. It marked a monumental comeback of his career.

She was a frequent presence at Muscle Shoals and worked closely with Earl ‘Peanut’ Montgomery who produced many of his hits. Currently she resides in Franklin Tennessee at 4025 Nestledown Drive where they own together. However, her private life remains unknown as she does not discuss current or previous relationships.

Net Worth

Nancy Jones is an American Reality Star known for appearing in several shows such as Time Matters, Scott Free and Touched. Additionally, she started her own talk show and published Mama Jones: My Guide to Love and Romance book.

She is also an established businesswoman and youth advocate. At present, she is working on her next project and has collaborated with well-known rap stars such as Juelz Stana.

Nancy is estimated to be worth approximately $5 Million and currently resides in Woodville, Texas with her family. In 2017, she underwent eye surgery; following this event she informed fans via Facebook of the procedure which ultimately corrected her vision; still enjoying his music legacy, Nancy remains supportive.

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