Natalie 90 Day Fiance Birthday

Natalie Mordovtseva’s 90 Day Fiance Birthday

Whether or not you’re a fan of the show 90 Day Fiance, you’ve most likely seen Natalie Mordovtseva on various episodes. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, she is now an American model and actress. She recently turned 38 and is now living in Florida. While she doesn’t share any details on her personal life, she is a popular celebrity on social media.

Natalie Mordovtseva has a devoted following on Instagram. The 35-year-old Ukrainian beauty currently has over 184k followers. In her personal life, she is known for her work on 90 Day Fiance, though she has kept her personal life largely private.

Although she’s had a lot of exposure on the 90 Day Fiance show, Natalie Mordovtseva is actually quite shy. She keeps her personal life private and doesn’t post pictures of her family on her Instagram page. Instead, she posts solo pictures. If you want to see more of her, you can check out her YouTube channel.

When Natalie and Mike Youngquist appeared on season 8 of the popular reality TV series, they didn’t have a great relationship. They were both from different countries and they had very different values. However, they started talking online. By the end of the season, they had developed a relationship and were planning to move together.

After they became a couple, they decided to work through their issues before their wedding. Their wedding was scheduled for April 15, 2020, in Clallam County, Washington. Even before they got married, Mike booked a K-1 visa for Natalie to come to the United States.

Natalie had an argument with Mike about finances, religion, and whether or not to have children. However, she was genuinely in love with him. She felt that he wasn’t ready to get married yet. This is one of the reasons why they broke up.

Natalie and Mike had a great love story, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to stay together for long. When the show ended, they were separated. Mike still resides in Washington, while Natalie moved to Florida.

Despite their split, Natalie and Mike remain friends and are considered the best of friends. Marcia “Brazil” Alves, who is a former Rock of Love Bus cast member, posted photos of them in Las Vegas in September 2021.

Since then, Mike and Natalie have both been working on their own projects. Natalie is a model, journalist, and social media influencer. Her fans can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. It looks like she is ready to give her love another chance.

As of October 20, 2020, Natalie and Mike are no longer together. However, she’s still a part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Hopefully, she will start to open up and share more of her personal life with her followers. During her time on the show, she had several rumors flying around about her. Some of these rumors involved her being cheated on by her husband. These rumors didn’t prove to be true.

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