Net Worth Of Pat Robertson

The Net Worth of Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson’s career

Pat Robertson has a net worth estimated at $100 million. He is a successful businessman and a preacher who has used his platform to spread conservative Christian values. However, he has also received criticism for his remarks about various groups. Despite his net worth, the religious leader continues to be in the spotlight.

Pat Robertson’s net worth is primarily derived from his business activities. He has started numerous organizations and corporations. These include the Christian Broadcasting Network, the Christian Coalition, Regent University, the L-1011 Flying Hospital, and CBN Asia. In addition to this, he has authored numerous books and is involved in a number of causes.

Robertson was born in Virginia on March 22, 1930. He is the youngest of two sons, and came from a well-established political family. His father, Absalom Willis Robertson, was a conservative Democratic senator. His mother, Gladys Churchill, was a homemaker and a talented musician. Robertson earned the nickname Pat after his older brother used to ‘pat’ him on the cheek.

His father was a senator

Pat Robertson is the son of A. Willis Robertson, a conservative Democratic United States senator from Virginia, and Gladys Churchill. His father was a lawyer by profession and also served in the Senate. His father had a long and distinguished political career. He was also known for his expertise in banking and taxation. Robertson was born and raised in Lexington, Virginia, and attended both Washington and Lee University and Yale Law School.

Robertson was elected to the U.S. Senate at age 16 and served for 20 years. In his time in the Senate, he was one of the senior southern Democrats. He endorsed President George W. Bush’s policies and spoke at numerous events for Christian causes. He also allied himself with charismatic evangelical leaders at the Washington for Jesus Rally, where he met independent Baptist pastor Jerry Falwell.

His foundations

One of Pat Robertson’s foundations is called Operation Blessing. He started this organization in 1978, on a Friday morning, based on the scripture Isaiah 58:6-14, which states that “Blessings are those who help others.” He announced the project live on The 700 Club. The foundation houses homeless people and matches them with donors.

Robertson’s foundations are aimed at helping the needy around the world. He has made millions of dollars from these foundations and has supported dozens of pro-Israel organizations and projects. In 2008, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Support of Israel. In 2002, he also received the State of Israel Friendship Award. He is well known for his work in these areas. He has also written numerous books and is involved in a variety of charities.

His media holdings

Pat Robertson’s media holdings include his 700 Club television program, which is carried on television stations across the country. The show combines news reportage with Pentecostal theology and practical advice. The show is considered to be a popular source of donations for the conservative Christian community.

Pat Robertson has also been a major philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is the founder of several organizations, including the Christian Broadcasting Network. He has also founded Regent University, Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation, and International Family Entertainment Inc.

Pat Robertson’s media holdings have been the source of controversy in the past. His foundation has been accused of threatening democracy and human rights in the world. He also used his humanitarian aid mission in Zaire as a cover to run for president. In addition, he has a reputation for saying outrageous things. Fake news sites sometimes post fake quotes of him, which often become viral.

His wife

Bill and Pat Robertson have built a successful empire with their television network CBN. However, before their success, Pat and Bill lived in a roach-infested commune. The couple later purchased a small television station in Virginia and turned it into the CBN empire. They also served as the United States’ representative to the Inter-American Commission on Women, which is a body created to protect women’s human rights. In addition, they served on the Regent University Board of Trustees.

Pat and Dede Robertson’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. Dede Robertson earned her bachelor’s degree in social administration from Ohio State University and continued her education at Yale University School of Nursing. She also earned a master’s degree in nursing. Pat Robertson and Dede Robertson met while attending Yale University. Dede was crowned Miss Ohio State, and they married in 1954.

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