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Neville Brand Net Worth – Who is Neville Brand in 2024?

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Neville Brand (born Lawrence Neville Brand on 13 August 1920 in Griswold Iowa United States of America), best known for his works in Western films as an actor and an accomplished musician.

Early Life and Education

Neville Brand was born August 13 in Griswold, Iowa and served in World War II with distinction, earning four medals of honor before being discharged as highly decorated combat soldier and heading off to New York on his GI Bill for acting studies at American Theatre Wing.

His craggy facial features resulted in him often being cast as villains in films like Birdman of Alcatraz. Additionally, he appeared as Willie Stark in a 1958 adaptation of All the Kings Men and as Al Capone in series such as The Untouchables.

He was an avid reader, amassing an impressive collection of 30,000 books that was later lost in a fire at his Malibu home. Additionally, he identified himself as Presbyterian and supported Dwight Eisenhower for President in 1960.

Professional Career

Neville Brand has long been revered as an actor and is widely recognized for his captivating performances in many movie projects and on stage. Furthermore, he is known as an outstanding philanthropist who has helped to build wealth for both himself and others in need.

Neville has long had a passion for sport and football in particular, appearing as a pundit on various channels as well as being an owner of Manchester City FC.

Buzz 16 Productions, founded by him, has produced hit YouTube shows like The Overlap and Soccerbox. A frequent public speaker and newspaper columnist, his primary concern is protecting his professional career without getting involved in any controversies that could sully its integrity.

Achievement and Honors

Neville Brand’s musical influence has cemented his position as an esteemed artist, garnering him various awards and honors throughout his career and contributing to an increase in net worth.

He was also well-known for his acting roles, appearing in multiple movies and television shows such as Fantasy Island, Baretta, McCloud, Harper Valley P.T.A, Alias Smith & Jones and Gunsmoke.

World War II veteran Thomas J. Horner wrote his biography as fourth most-decorated GI of World War II, according to which he received numerous honors for his service and portraying Al Capone in The George Raft Story film and series as well as The Scarface Mob and Untouchables was among them.

Personal Life

Brand was an exceptional veteran of WWII who appeared in the 1950 film Where the Sidewalk Ends. Although originally planning on making his career in the military, after returning he used his GI bill entitlement for theatre studies at American Theatre Wing instead. Cast into roles that required rugged features while honing his voice for villain roles.

He served as a patron of Shine educational charity and co-owned Salford City with Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Paul Scholes through Project 92. Additionally he is a member of Hollywood Hall of Fame. At 72 he is married to Sarah; an animal rights activist supporting Humane Society of United States.

Net Worth

Neville Brand has become one of the most celebrated and prosperous movie actors, amassing his net worth through years of hard work in the industry. He is widely respected for his versatility and charismatic performances onscreen.

Early in his acting career, he appeared in numerous Army training films and radio roles. Later on he switched genres, acting mostly Western movies. Perhaps best remembered for playing Linc Hayes on The Mod Squad from 1970 and Al Yost on Lonesome Dove from 1980.

His distinctive features landed him roles such as Birdman of Alcatraz. However, he earned an Emmy award for playing Willie Stark in All the King’s Men and Al Capone in The Untouchables series.

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