New Balance Rubix

New Balance Rubix Review

The New Balance Rubix running shoe is a highly advanced running shoe designed specifically for pronated runners. With its innovative midsole technology and data-driven guidance ramps, it provides premium stability for miles of aggressive running. It also provides responsive support and a smooth ride for pronated feet. Read on to discover the key features of this new running shoe.

The upper unit of the Rubix is built from engineered double jacquard mesh, which wraps around the foot to provide a sock-like fit. The mesh also has a large number of pores that allow air to flow into the foot-chamber. The upper also features a TPU Fine Mold overlay which integrates with the lacing system. The tongue and collar of the Rubix are padded to provide additional comfort.

The weight of the New Balance Rubix is average for a running shoe. It is also lighter than most stability shoes, with men’s sizes weighing less than ten ounces and women’s sizes weighing just under nine ounces. Stability shoes tend to be bulky, but the Rubix’s design avoids that by minimizing features.

The New Balance Rubix is made for runners with pronation issues who like to run long distances. The midsole of the shoe is made of two types of foam: the material closest to the foot is soft, while the one farther down is firm and stabilizing. Guidance Ramps are also present in the midsole, and they are designed to correct overpronation while smoothing out movements for a smooth ride.

The New Balance Rubix is a comfortable running shoe for men who overpronate. Despite its comfort, it is also a stylish model. The engineered mesh upper and segmented midsole provide a very attractive appearance. The shoes come in black and grey color options for men. However, they are not designed for rugged outdoor activities.

The Rubix features an innovative midsole that features data-driven guidance ramps. The lower heel-to-toe drop height helps to reduce overpronation and promote a more natural gait cycle. The midsole also features a segmented design that provides added stability and supports the midfoot and heel area.

The Rubix also features Acteva Ultralite technology in the midsole. This material is 32% lighter than traditional foam materials and is more resilient. It also provides plenty of cushioning. The Rubix also features an engineered jacquard mesh upper. This material supports the foot and adapts to every movement.

Designed for stability, the New Balance Rubix also offers a lightweight, flexible, and durable shoe. It is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. This shoe is great for overpronators and those with flat feet. It also comes in bright neon colors. The New Balance Rubix is made in the USA.

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