New West Knifeworks S35vn

New West KnifeWorks S35VN Chef Knives

The S35VN steel used in New West KnifeWorks knives is among the best in the industry. The high carbon alloy steel offers elite sharpness, edge-holding, and stain resistance. The blades are made in the United States and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Chris Kidder is the ultimate chef knife

New West KnifeWorks created the Chris Kidder to give the chef the ultimate all-purpose knife. Its 11.7-inch blade has the balance and agility necessary for chopping and slicing, and it’s made with high-performance materials. A special feature of the knife is that the blade doesn’t taper in the first 4″ of its length, unlike most chef knives. This means you can easily slice the softest of foods without risking injury.

The Chris Kidder knife has a very special name: it was created in collaboration with Los Angeles celebrity chef Chris Kidder, who is a personal chef and has cooked for former presidents and dignitaries. According to an LA Times article, he has been referred to as LA’s “Chef’s Chef.” Prior to opening his own restaurant, Kidder was the Chef de Cuisine at Campanile, a James Beard Award-winning standard for Southern California cuisine.

Super Steel Crucible S35VN is the highest performing steel for fillet knives

If you’re in the market for a new fillet knife, you should consider investing in a Super Steel Crucible S35VN blade. S35VN steel is known for its excellent wear resistance, durability, and toughness. It is also easy to sharpen and hone, making it a great option for fillet knives.

Unlike AUS10A, CPM S35VN knives are able to withstand heavy use and hone in on their edges for longer. They also have a high Rockwell Hardness rating of 58 to 61, depending on the heat treatment of the blade. The Rockwell scale measures the hardness of a material by the depth at which an indenter can penetrate the material. The higher the HRC rating, the harder the material is.

Chris Kidder is a Los Angeles uber-Chef

You may have seen the television show “The Chew,” but did you know that Los Angeles has its own uber-Chef? That chef is none other than Chris Kidder, who works as a personal chef for A-list celebrities and political figures. He was recently dubbed LA’s “Chef’s Chef” by an LA Times article. Kidder’s background includes years as the Chef de Cuisine at Campanile, a James Beard Award-winning restaurant in Los Angeles.

G-Fusion line of knives is made with CPM S35VN steel

CPM S35VN is the first steel created specifically for knife making, and it’s a super steel that’s known for its exceptional edge holding ability. This steel also has extraordinary toughness and stain resistance, which puts these knives on the cutting edge of performance, design, and functionality.

CPM steel is made from a process called powder metal fusion. This method creates a blade that is very thin, yet very tough. The blade is about seven inches long, with a stepped taper for optimal flex. The geometry of the blade is designed to match the curve of fish, as well as deep bones in any animal. The full tang helps stabilize the cutting stroke.

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