New World Defeat Lost Alchemist Krockers

Alchemy in the New World – How to Defeat Alchemist Krockes in Reekwater

How to defeat lost alchemist krockers in new world

Alchemist Krockes can be found in the Reekwater Settlement. If you defeat him, his soul will be absorbed into the Psychokinetic Absorber. This is a powerful weapon that you can use to destroy enemies. Once you defeat Krockes, you must also destroy all the Cursed Banners in the Reekwater Settlement. Once you have finished the quest, you must report to Headman Onizuka in the Reekwater Settlement.

Place Trace Absorber instead of Psychokinetic Absorber

Before you place your Trace Absorber in the New World, you should be familiar with the map. You will find the placing spot in the center of the big road leading through Bourg. It is marked by a blue quest light. You can approach the area from the south. The area is also home to the coffin-dwelling Alchemist Krocks.

Defeat Alchemist Krockes to earn rank of Alchemist

Defeat Alchemist Krockes in Reekwater and get the title of Alchemist. After defeating him, you can take his soul and store it in a Psychokinetic Absorber. You can then use this device to absorb energy from a variety of enemies. When you have absorbed enough energy, you can then report to the Headman of the Reekwater Settlement and get the title of Alchemist.

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