New World Syndicate Advancement Chronicler

New World of Warcraft Syndicate Advancement: Scrivener Quest

In New World, there are three factions. To break one of them, you must complete a quest. The Syndicate Advancement: Scrivener quest is given by Laurentius Krockes at level 24. Although it’s a challenge, level 23 players should have no problem completing the quest.


You can become a Scrivener in the new World of Warcraft MMO by completing the Trial of the Scrivener quest. You must reach level 24 and have 3,000 faction reputation before you can begin the quest. In addition, you must complete the Trial of the Syndicate to advance your character.

As a Scrivener, you can earn the following new items, which is excellent for leveling in this mode. In addition to this, you can also earn faction reputation through this quest. The reward for this rank is excellent for players who are in their early to mid-leveling phase. However, it does require you to perform more PVP and PVE Faction Missions. If you have a lot of faction influence, the rewards aren’t always worth the effort.


A Cabalist is a character who can advance in a Syndicate. They can become members of the Syndicate by leveling up, completing quests, and increasing their level. The Syndicate is a powerful faction, and its members have special benefits in the game. They are intellectuals and truth seekers, but others view them as untrustworthy.

In the Syndicate Advancement storyline, players must achieve a faction reputation of 26,000 to move up to the Cabalist rank. They also must be at least level 50 to progress. Once they have achieved this rank, they can also deploy Psychokinetic Absorbers. They can also choose to become an Alchemist.


In Alchemist, the players can control magical items to enhance their characters. They can also influence the war between the Marauders and the Covenant. This allows them to gain power and territory for their cabal. This faction is similar to the other two major factions in the game: the Covenant and the Horde.

Players can progress from the Chronicler to the Cabalist via the Syndicate Advancement story. To progress from the Chronicler to the Cabalist, players need to have a faction reputation of 26,000 and a level of 50. They also need to deploy Psychokinetic Absorbers in order to increase their faction reputation. Syndicate players can also increase their reputation by completing quests.


As a member of the Syndicate, you will be able to take on a variety of tasks that will help you advance. Whether you want to become a skilled spy or become a powerful leader, you’ll need to complete various quests to earn the right to advance in the Syndicate. As you gain experience and level up, you will be able to take on more complex tasks, such as subverting plans and uncovering secrets of other factions. As you progress through the Syndicate, you’ll gain access to new features and benefits as you exert more control over the map.

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