New World Synonym

What is a New World Synonym?

A new world synonym is a word that describes the new world. If you want to learn more about this new term, you should visit your dictionary. There you can find a list of words that sound like new world. The dictionary will also tell you what the words mean. Listed below are some examples of these words.

Discomyza Meigen

Discomyza Meigen is a species of snail that occurs in the New World. It was introduced to the New World from Asia. Previously, it was known from the Palaearctic region. It is now widespread throughout the New World. It is classified as a member of the family Ephydridae.

D. u-signata Cresson

The genus D. u-signata has been known since the 17th century. A German scientist, P. Bliithgen, published notes on D. u-signata in his Entotnohgia Systematica Emendata et Aiicta. His article was published in German journals, including the German Entomological Zeitschrift (B)5:22. His contributions included articles on the new tribe, as well as notes on other family members such as Lithurginae, Meliponinae, and genus names.

In 1961, Azevedo, C. O., et al. published the description of three new Paracolletini species from southern Brazil. Moreover, they published a genus new to science, Augochlorodes. Their descriptions appeared in Studia Entomologica 7, which covered world meliponine bees.

The genus name is based on the morphological features of the D. u-signata Cresper and the fact that the species has multiporous plate sensilla in the antennae. In addition, D. u-signata Cressen’s synonymy is a new world synonym of D. u-signata.

D. maculipennis

This catalog includes D. maculipennis as a new genus and new species, and also includes a homonym and lectotype designation. It is a member of the genus Heleomyzidae, and has been described from the Neotropics. Its genus name is derived from the name of the type locality.

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