New Year’s Scrapbook Stickers

New Year’s Scrapbook Stickers

New Year is coming soon, and you can make your scrapbook a more joyful place with some new year’s scrapbook stickers. These stickers can be used on scrapbook pages, gift boxes, envelopes, windows, and desks. With their vibrant colors, these stickers will create a festive mood. You can also use them on envelopes to seal presents. The 3.8cm-diameter stickers are perfect for sealing gifts. There are two styles available, and each comes with a corresponding number of double-sided tapes.


Multipurpose new year’s scrapbook stickers are a great way to add color and variety to your pages. They can be used on scrapbook pages or as a decorative accent on cards and envelopes. They can also be used as window stickers, desk stickers, gift card envelopes, and more. These festive stickers are also available in a variety of colors and sizes. These multipurpose stickers can make scrapbooking an enjoyable experience!

Made of paper

New Year’s scrapbook stickers are a great way to mark the beginning of the new year with a unique touch. These paper embellishments come in an array of colors and designs, making them a versatile choice. They can be purchased as individual sheets or as a package.

When purchasing paper scrapbook embellishments, it’s important to keep the material durable and in good condition. Papers that are not acid-free are brittle and will turn yellow. Acid-free paper is designed to preserve documents and artwork and is not susceptible to fading. Most scrapbook stores carry archival paper.

Includes 35 Retro Prints

The New Year’s Big Scrapbook kit includes a patterned paper and 20 thick black pages, 50 pieces of double-sided tape and 35 Retro Prints for your scrapbook pages. It also includes a silver gel pen, which you can use to add some extra embellishment to your pages. The kit also includes water repellent and light-resistant paper, which makes it ideal for scrapbooking.

The multi-purpose scrapbook kit is perfect for making paper crafts, art journaling, and collages. It also makes for a great gift wrapping and home decoration kit. The cute aesthetic stickers will look wonderful on birthday cards and stationery.

Comes with 50 pieces of double-sided tape

These tapes are great for scrapbooking and cardmaking projects. They are heat-resistant and acid-free. You can also use them to adhere paper borders and photos. These tapes are a great option for cardmakers, because they are available in solid colors and geometric patterns. They are also made in the USA.

They come in a variety of sizes and are the least fussy adhesives. Some have a paper backing and some have a gel-like texture. They are great for replacing glue and other adhesives. Double-sided tape is available in all different varieties and can fit most artistic needs. However, they are not created equal.

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