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Noah Beck – HIMSA Certified Yoga Instructor

HIMSA certified, the Noah Module makes it simple and quick to submit Certificate of Hearing Loss/Order Forms directly from your office.

NOAH has been providing standards and inspection services to THOW on wheels since 2015. Their digital process enables manufacturers or DIYers to upload construction pictures directly through an app that an inspector directs.

Early Life and Education

Noah brings over 28 years of clinical experience in Rehabilitation and Fitness to his yoga teaching certification and frequent presentation at world-class yoga festivals and conferences.

Noah graduated with his degree in Education from the University of Arkansas. While in his degree completion program, Noah worked full time at a school while taking night classes – thanks to its flexible structure he managed to both earn his degree while work full-time at another institution.

At birth via cesarean section, Noah met all developmental milestones except expressive speech. Two years later he was diagnosed with sleep apnea. When the emergency department attending came for rounds, Tanya explained to them that Noah wasn’t making typical infant noises such as babbling sounds.

Professional Career

Noah was born in Cameroon but left shortly thereafter to pursue a tennis career in France. Since then he has achieved a career-high singles ranking of three and an astounding doubles ranking of one – as well as becoming three-time Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup champion.

Noah is also engaged in charity work, supporting Enfants de la Terre – a French foundation dedicated to aiding poor children – as well as being on its board of directors for Appel des Enfants.

Noah started college life at Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC), majoring in applied economics before switching to Harding University Northwest Arkansas’ degree completion program for education – which allowed him to work full time while attending classes at night.

Achievement and Honors

At an early age, Noah became involved with sports circle at Friendship Circle and received various trophies for his efforts. As a local hero he earned awards and spent a day with Spiderman! Additionally he volunteered for Make a Wish Foundation before attending one of Daddy Yankee’s concerts live!

Rhetta Ivy Bell has been teaching mathematics at Hofstra University for more than three decades and takes great pride in having taught one of their current directors/assistant deans of NOAH Scholars program, Richard Nodder. Under Rhetta’s tutelage, her students gain a comprehensive overview of mathematics that allows them to advance with confidence and success.

NOAH offers an Honors curriculum with a high rate of transfer with junior standing to all four-year colleges and universities across the nation, along with a competitive academic scholarship of $10,000.

Personal Life

Noah was raised during the apartheid era in South Africa by both of his parents – a black South African mother and white European father – who were forbidden from having interracial children, with any who spoke out against the government risking years in jail. Consequently, his childhood was marred by racism. It was illegal for couples that mixed race parents had children together at this time, while anyone who spoke out against their policies risked years in jail.

Noah serves as a supervisor for the Beck Institute, instructing graduate students in their clinical internships. Additionally, he created an intensive internship program for trainee therapists at Gay Men’s Health Crisis – one of the oldest HIV/AIDS service organizations in America.

He is widely respected as an inner child healing and recovery expert and offers transformational psychotherapy and coaching to individuals, couples, adolescents/young adults as well as adolescents/young adults. In his practice he utilizes core present moment awareness, breathwork and holistic somatic psychotherapy.

Net Worth

Noah Beck is an impressive TikTok influencer with an impressive following and fame at an early age. He earns an income as a social media influencer, holds multiple luxury properties, works as fashion and fitness influencer and brand ambassador and boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $7 Million.

NOAH offers not only manufacturer approvals, but they welcome DIYers as well. Their inspection process combines RV industry standards and residential building requirements.

NOAH certification is an essential step if you intend on living full-time in your tiny house, though it may limit your freedom as many cities consider NOAH-certified tiny houses an RV and do not allow permanent residents.

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