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The Grave of a Civil War Veteran

At mile marker 16 off of Garden State Parkway lies the grave of black Civil War veteran Noah Cherry and General Askew – two more African American veterans of that war.

News accounts at the time identified Cherry as a suspect in Alice Powell’s killing; however, evidence collected by authorities did not coincide with current records in Princess Anne county.

Early Life and Education

At 2-years-old, Noah Lord begins experiencing expressive speech delay and hearing difficulty. An ENT specialist determines that Noah needs tubes in his ears to drain any buildup of fluid that could possibly improve his hearing.

One night, Uncle Noah heard an unfamiliar noise that seemed to come from everywhere at once and pass quickly through the darkness, emitting an unnerving, mournful and wail. Soon thereafter Mr. Lazarus Laws, owner of the house towards which this strange sound was traveling, passed away.

Rev. Armstrong was curious to know more about this man and approached Mrs. Williams who had written a typed seven page manuscript of her memories of him. Mrs. Williams then directed Rev. Armstrong towards another relative of the family – Mrs. Gladys Spaulding who knew of his grave site.

Professional Career

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This colloquium is open to the public, and will feature a presentation by Noah DeSimone, 2022 Oxholm Fellow with City Law Department’s Code & Nuisance Litigation Unit. Noah will discuss his summer internship and impact of Carl “Tobey” Oxholm Summer Fellowship that for 15 years have awarded a stipend and internship placement to 2L students committed to careers in public service.

Achievement and Honors

Off of Garden State Parkway sits a gravesite belonging to black Civil War veteran Noah Cherry, which has been well-kept over time and decorated on Veterans and Memorial Days with new flags. No one knows exactly how many gravestones may exist throughout its length – no matter who is responsible.

Ana Sofia Uzsoy of Physics and Computer Science was honored to receive a Churchill Scholarship; graduate student Katherine Hollinger in Marine Earth Atmospheric Sciences was recognized with a Graduate Research Fellowship Program Award; while Noah Cherry from Class 12 received the 2023 LTIAA Pay It Forward award. Stull and Cherry spoke about their career journeys at Columbus School of Law while emphasizing networking and mentorship to current students.

Personal Life

Noah Cherry was an independent artist known for his relief carving skills. He worked with companies that manufactured cigars, coaches and preserved food before using his talent to craft sculptures that would go on display in local museums.

In 1973, reporter J.J. Merritt visited the grave site of Noah Cherry, an African-American civil war veteran buried along a section of Garden State Parkway. There he encountered Mrs. Wiley Jane Williams – one of Cherry’s relatives – who recorded her memories about him in a typed manuscript document.

Cherry’s memories aren’t widely accessible, but one passage outlines his demise alongside Lazarus Laws after hearing an unearthly sound that was likened to that of a mournful, whinnying windstorm.

Net Worth

Noah Cherry is an artist renowned for exhibiting his works at galleries. Additionally, he has written several books and made appearances as a public speaker on creativity. Additionally, his expertise has been featured on radio shows and television programs across the nation.

Cherry was a veteran of the military and has done extensive charitable work throughout his life. He established the Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation, and sells pet foods that benefit animal charities.

Mr. Klugman has also appeared in films such as Kat Plus One (2004), Miracle Run (2004), Pretty/Handsome (2008), Night at the Museum – The Battle of the Smithsonian (2009) and Hits (2014); in addition to hosting Sportsnet show Coach’s Corner.

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