Noah Cicero

Noah Cicero

Noah Cicero has written numerous novels, short stories and poetry works that address themes of poverty, existentialism, troubled relationships and consumerism.

Best Behavior’s tale of David-and-Goliath depicts an Ohio teenager from poverty-stricken Youngstown’s journey to New York City for writing opportunities.

Early Life and Education

Noah Cicero is an author who has published multiple works of fiction, poetry and nonfiction. In addition to writing books – as well as discussing literary events at various places – Noah hails from a small town in northeast Ohio but now resides in Las Vegas with a passion for politics he attended Youngstown State University for Political Science studies before enrolling at College of Southern Nevada for Paralegal Studies studies.

He chronicled his travels in Give it to the Grand Canyon, an autobiographical work. Over time, his anger and resentment regarding life has given way to an accepting attitude; mindful Buddhist, Taoist and Navajo teachings have enabled further refinement in his writing style.

His first major speech was an attack against Catiline’s conspirators. He helped to gather evidence against them, and their execution took place following his advice in 1963.

Professional Career

Cicero stood as an exemplar of liberal principles like natural rights and constitutional government that limited state power. His orations became famous worldwide, while his aristocratic background inspired American authors like John Witherspoon to emulate him.

Cicero’s work offers something for everyone. He has written beat-style meditations about the absurdity of war (Best Behavior), political action thrillers with firefights in the Grand Canyon (Go to Work), lost-love poetry (Bipolar Cowboy), and observational writings about travel (Nature Documentary).

He currently resides in Youngstown, Ohio and his stories and poems have appeared in several magazines such as Identity Theory, Scarecrow, Brittle Star and Nth Position. Additionally he is the author of six books.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Cicero is an award-winning author with more than two dozen books published to his name. His stories and poems have appeared in several magazines such as Identity Theory, Brittle Star, Nth Position and Black Ice magazines. His unique writing style blends elements of modernist literature with legal and political philosophy for an approachable take.

Barthius, the librarian at Fulda, noted that before the Thirty Years’ War there existed parchment volumes containing manuscripts of Cicero’s “Commonwealth,” but due to military violence these were destroyed; yet posthumously people came to view this work with great reverence.

He possesses an uncanny ability to evoke various feelings through his writing. His works are frequently highly philosophical and political in nature, criticizing politicians or their followers through psychological and philosophical means. He uses these methods against those acting dishonestly.

Personal Life

Noah Cicero lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife and pup. In his personal life he enjoys reading, drinking beer, discussing literature with friends, traveling (South Korea, Mexico and Peru were his top destinations), attending concerts at Youngstown State University as well as paralegal studies studies at College of Southern Nevada – his career is taking off quickly!

He has written novels, short stories and poetry on subjects including depression, existentialism and troubled relationships. His style of writing has been described as matter-of-fact and flat with an emphasis on humiliation and failure; Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Jean Rhys and Tao Lin were some of his early influences; recent books include Blood-Soaked Buddha/Hard Earth Pascal and Nature Documentary as examples of these themes.

Net Worth

Cicero Pinto from the TV show ‘Darcey & Stacey’ was once romantically linked with Darcey Silva and impressed her greatly when driving a Lamborghini.

He is an esteemed novelist. Through his writing career he has amassed an estimated net worth between $1 and $4 Million.

Born October 10, 1980 in Youngstown, Ohio and currently living in Las Vegas. He has an incredible daughter and is happily married to Ariane Heilen. This amazingly talented individual enjoys spending his time with family and friends as well as cooking, writing and reading books in his free time.

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