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Noah Cochran is an exceptional problem solver, working quickly to address any challenges at Perry Wellness Center. His smile brings light into both colleagues’ and staffers’ day.

Early Life and Education

Noah Cochran is an effective problem-solver at Perry Wellness Center who quickly works to address challenges quickly. Additionally, he’s certified peer specialist and life coach, using these abilities to assist his peers find their strengths and achieve success.

Noah is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in relational and structural trauma, grief, identity development and empowerment through community healing. In their free time they enjoy reading and woodworking.

Donna Cochran of Kingston, Oklahoma; sons Dallas Cochran Jr of Texas and John Cochran and wife Tamiko of Virginia as well as Lesa Hess of Beckley (VA); grandson Noah Cochran and spouse Sarah from Crab Orchard; grandchildren Michael Valentine, Chyanna Booker Taylor Colby Blaque Hess as well as great grandchildren Dominik Jarman and Kaleb Jarman and other relatives also survive him.

Professional Career

He’s a photographer known for his striking photography style and composition skills. He captures rural landscape, portrait, and concert images alike.

Cochran’s career has taken him all across the United States, yet he never forgets his roots in Knox County. Anytime he drives along Knox County’s backroads in a car with windows down it reminds him of those childhood nights spent riding behind his dad’s Camaro on long summer nights spent camping out for fun in its backseat.

2022 PIAA Class 3A state champion Lauren McEvoy is an eight-time national runner up and one of the greatest distance runners ever seen in her sport. She became the first girl ever to win three varsity cross country and indoor track state titles within one season; and has competed at both outdoor and indoor track state championship events 10 times already!

Achievement and Honors

Noah Cochran was honored to earn several awards and recognition during his time at Northwest University, including participation in choir and art programs as well as academic achievements with an impressive cumulative grade point average in his major.

As well as excelling academically, he is also an accomplished ultra runner, having won both Chattanooga Mountain Stage Race and Georgia Jewel 100 miler events. To date he has amassed 14 wins and multiple top ten finishes across multiple races.

As an inspiring example of hard work rewarded with scholarships, he has received various scholarships to further his education. When not studying or playing video games he enjoys reading books and listening to audiobooks.

Personal Life

Noah Cochran is a licensed clinical social worker who employs an attachment-informed approach rooted in social justice. They specialize in grief and trauma counseling with an emphasis on healing through relationships and community support systems. Furthermore, they enjoy reading voraciously as well as dabbling in woodworking techniques.

At Perry Wellness Center, he’s known as an adept problem-solver, helping his fellow peers and staff address any obstacles that arise. As such, his talents were recognized, becoming one of 29 members of staff to complete Certified Peer Specialist training.

His wife, Alecia, lives with them along with their two children Mia and Ryan. Additionally, Dallas Cochran and Isaiah Cochran, fellow athletes themselves, are close by. His funeral will be held Saturday at 11 am.

Net Worth

He is one of the top-rated and well-recognized personalities in America, best known as host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central and author of various books. In his career he has received many accolades and awards.

He is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $5 Million and boasts an average height and weight. Though his exact height hasn’t been disclosed to the public, we can assume he stands tall.

He enjoys listening to music and watching movies; his favorite being “Into the Wild.” In his free time he enjoys spending it with his family; being both an excellent husband and father at once as well as an expert basketball player!

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