Noah Figurine

Noah Figurine

Noah (also Noe) is the protagonist in the biblical Flood narrative in Genesis and holds immense religious significance across multiple cultures. He represents rebirth, renewal, as well as being revered as an icon for his trust in God.

Jim Shore brings this classic Bible tale to life through intricate, detailed sculpting and hand-painting, making an excellent present for children or anyone who believes in the power of faith.

Early Life and Education

Noah was a legendary farmer and preacher known for his faithful efforts at building God’s Ark to save both mankind and animals from extinction during a Flood that God brought about due to sinfulness of mankind in their world. This Biblical account details these efforts in great detail.

He wrote the popular Speller book that is still used in schools today. To promote his work, he traveled widely meeting politicians and war heroes.

Noah asserts that Enesco had an obligation to disclose its plans to incorporate his New Beginnings concept into their Precious Moments line, however he fails to provide any evidence demonstrating this was material representation. Additionally, evidence was presented by Enesco showing other giftware marketers had depicted Ark animals interacting pairs prior to Enesco first unveiling its Two by Two figurines at fall 1993 Pre-Show trade show.

Professional Career

Noah has earned himself an enormous following because of his commitment to his craft and desire to make positive differences in people’s lives through performance art and charitable organizations he founded. From entertaining audiences on television and stage to starting numerous charitable foundations – Noah is renowned for making a positive difference through art.

He has worked in medicine and sports, advocating for diabetes awareness and education. Additionally, he serves on JDRF’s Young Leadership Committee and founded a support community for people living with Type 1 diabetes.

Noah’s engineering co-op placement at Aecom, an international infrastructure consulting firm, provided him with invaluable experiences that enabled him to transition seamlessly from college student to industry professional before graduation. Working on multifaceted plans while working alongside multiple teams gave him valuable lessons about working effectively as part of an organisation.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Raso, a 10th-grade student from Belin-Blank Center High School in Massachusetts was recently honored for scoring an impressively high score on his ACT test and was recognized during their Recognition Ceremony.

He was inspired by WXW to establish SEM in 2006. Their inaugural show took place at Differ Ariake arena and it became so crowded that fans had to stand outside in the cold!

Misawa decided to step back after SEM’s initial success and let its young members run the show, however this proved disastrous; promotion soon suffered and they lost their TV deal, all their top talent and many followers. Kenta Kobashi held his retirement show at Budokan that year which attracted 17,000 attendees; Misawa died tragically shortly afterwards due to car accident.

Personal Life

Noah was born in Soweto, South Africa to a black Xhosa mother and white Swiss-German father who struggled to make ends meet under apartheid, an oppressive system which promoted segregation of races. These experiences informed his early comedy which mostly addressed race relations within South Africa.

This Noah’s Ark figurine set includes a plastic ark and four pairs of animals: two zebras, two lions and two elephants. The top comes off so children can play with all four separately.

This set is recommended for ages 12 and up and comes complete with an instruction booklet, making it the ideal present for children who enjoy hearing about Noah and his Ark from Bible stories. Furthermore, it teaches children the importance of taking care in caring for both others and animals.

Net Worth

Noah is only 17 but already making significant bank as a star of popular television shows and movies, including Paper Box Pilots that was co-founded with his brother Milo and father Brian.

Noah is known for selling decorative stickers used to cover empty boxes, which have become immensely popular. Noah even appeared on Shark Tank to obtain additional capital and expand his business further.

This figurine belongs to a series of nursery rhyme figurines including Goldilocks bears, a scarecrow, and an elderly lady wearing her shoe – each figurine can fetch upwards of $200 when collected as part of a complete set. This particular white figurine represents one such set.

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