Noah Frederking

Noah Frederking – Okawville Rockets Runner-Up in Class 1A State Tournament

Noah Frederking led Okawville’s run through the Class 1A state tournament at 108-27 and helped lead them to finish second behind Effingham St. Anthony. He will soon join Evansville University.

Coach Jon Kraus credits Frederking with an impressive transformation this season, attributing it to tough love from coach Jon. Additionally, Frederking was unanimously named BND Small School Player of the Year by peers and coaches alike.

Early Life and Education

Noah Frederking has been an integral member of Okawville boys’ basketball program for three state final appearances and nearly 2,800 career points, according to Jon Kraus, Okawville coach. “He will go down as one of the great small school players ever,” Jon said of Frederking who took his leadership role seriously this season and pushed his teammates harder defensively while adding intensity during practice sessions and games – leading the Rockets with 26 points against St Anthony Effingham in the semi-final win!

Professional Career

Noah Frederking was a vital member of the Evansville Purple Aces last season, yet his shooting was at times inconsistent and in Missouri Valley Conference play he made only 31% of threes attempts. But this season has brought new opportunities and improvements as he has shown more consistency when hitting threes (making 37% in Missouri Valley Conference play and hitting just 31% overall). Now as a sophomore he is excelling significantly more.

Walter McCarty wants his backcourt players to have greater consistency, including more 3-point attempts from beyond the arc and strong takeaways at the basket. They should also provide greater defensive presence.

Frederking and freshman guard Shamar Givance appear more at ease under McCarty than under Marty Simmons; both players often had to guard center, which wasn’t their forte last season. Both have enjoyed strong starts this year.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Frederking is an accomplished athlete who has garnered several academic honors throughout his life. In high school, he earned several honor roll titles before being chosen valedictorian of his graduating class. Additionally, Frederking made it onto the Evansville Aces basketball team where he competed at an elite level – in one game setting his personal best with 26 points and three rebounds for efficiency as part of a team that included Jax Levitch and Jawaun Newton as teammates.

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