Noah Grover

A Profile of Noah Grover

At Phoenix College, Grover completed 85 out of 171 passes for 1,207 yards and nine touchdowns – but his decision to leave Phoenix and head west for Slippery Rock changed his football career’s course significantly.

She holds state runner-up spots in both 100 hurdles and long jump, and is also an outstanding high jumper, clearing 5 feet-6 inches last week at Colonel Crawford.

Early Life and Education

Noah Grover was an outstanding wrestling talent at Warsaw High School. After an initial slow start in junior high, Grover made waves during his 11th grade season and amassed a perfect record en route to third place at New York State tournament.

Grover decided on community college following graduation, opting for AACC because of its affordability, enabling him to study geology while working full time and making connections at other universities that helped prepare him when transferring to Towson University.

Grover never anticipated his college football journey would take so many unexpected turns and twists – yet is grateful that it has. Now he has an opportunity at national title glory with Slippery Rock against Cal (PA) next weekend in a game that could hold great PSAC and postseason implications.

Professional Career

Grover decided not to follow the traditional route of playing Division I football at Phoenix College but took an unconventional route by exploring junior college (JUCO) football instead, which offers different advantages than its older counterpart.

At his most distant playing experience ever, and the place that taught him most about himself and life. Slippery Rock provided him with lessons in life, football and self-discovery that would shape who he would become as an individual player; since transferring to Division I North Dakota he’s back at Slippery Rock as a senior, and set to lead them back into another PSAC championship race with 18 takedowns and 12 escapes on the season as he ranks second on his team for passing yards.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Grover is the son of a police officer and has an older brother. He’s close with both, as well as being very social – spending time with friends and attending events is something he enjoys doing regularly.

At nationals he earned national rankings in high jump, long jump and shot put. Additionally he earned eight varsity letters in basketball, tennis, swimming and track & field events.

He enjoyed an outstanding high school career, but did not catch the attention of major college programs. Instead, he chose junior college – an experience which proved beneficial as it gave him the chance to demonstrate himself on the field and establish strong bonds among teammates; watching film together, talking to coaches, and going out for meals were just some of their activities.

Net Worth

Grover is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of over $108 Million, generated through acting and various business investments such as fintech, alcobev, health-tech, co-working and staffing startups.

He lives a luxurious lifestyle with his family. He owns several expensive cars and regularly takes international vacations with them. Additionally, he owns an expansive residence in Delhi.

His personal life remains private; he does not discuss details regarding any relationships he may be in, whether with girlfriends or ex-girlfriends, nor any controversies that arise within their past work and passion for acting. Instead, they strive hard towards reaching their goals in life.

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