Noah Habeeb

Noah Habeeb

Noah Habeeb is currently studying Urban and Environmental Policy & Planning at Tufts University’s Urban and Environmental Policy (UEP) department. In addition, he coordinates a legal clinic for LGBTQ/H asylum seekers and has written about Palestine for The Nation, Truthout, and Tikkun magazines.

He suffers from life-threatening allergies to panda dander and chocolate, and mentions it in Haute Camp-ture along with having an intense fear of water and insects.

Early Life and Education

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In the Bible, Noah is depicted as having three sons named Shem, Ham and Japheth and spending 120 years building an Ark for them and other living things to escape the Flood in. Once it had subsided, life flourished once more on Earth – leading many scholars and commentators to examine its lessons and symbolism; its portrayal of good vs evil, sin & punishment while showing how people can change and return to God’s grace is often discussed at length.

Professional Career

Noah Habeeb is currently studying Urban and Environmental Policy & Planning at Tufts University. He has experience organizing for BDS resolutions, legislative advocacy and JVP action advocacy as well as grassroots fundraising activities in Palestine for The Nation, Tikkun Magazine and Foreign Policy In Focus publications.

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Habeeb has refused to identify his financial backers, who together contributed an estimated total of $3.3 million over two tax years according to APR’s public 990 forms. APR’s board includes prominent Never-Trump activist George Will as well as controversial critic Mark Levin of Sebastian Gorka whose views he shares.

Achievement and Honors

Noah enjoys role-playing and has often taken to playing as his Golden Labrador, Newton. Additionally, he’s one of few contestants who speak German; this fact was noted during Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan. Furthermore, Noah excels at video gaming and claims his Golden Lab can easily distract Sasquatchanakwa while simultaneously knowing how to reach Dragon Assassin’s secret 12th level! He is both intelligent and extremely charismatic – an example being when he knows exactly how to reach that level!

Personal Life

He is a member of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and his writing has appeared in The Nation and Foreign Policy in Focus. Additionally, he has participated in university BDS resolution organizing and legislative advocacy at a state level.

Noah Habeeb lives in Brooklyn, NY under the pseudonym “Noah Habeeb.” He owns a Golden Labrador dog named Courtney who, according to Noah, drools less over Duncan than she does over steak rib-eyes. Noah also enjoys video gaming; especially Kosmic Kaos where he believes he holds onto its hidden twelveth level!

Habeeb is a prominent critic of right-wing media. On one episode of his radio show, he speculated about an ideal scenario where Americans of diverse political beliefs could engage with each other without rancor or animus. American Private Radio syndicates his program; according to its public 990 filings it received $3.3 million donations between 2015 and 2016.

Net Worth

Noah Habeeb is an activist with experience working in anti-Zionism and immigration rights activism. His articles have appeared in The Nation, Truthout Magazine and Tikkun Magazine as well as Foreign Policy In Focus. As student activism goes, including student participation with Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement against Israel; Jewish Voice for Peace organizer and Next Leader at Tufts University where he has spearheaded resolution organizing, Deadly Exchange campaigning and legislative activism as part of BDS resolution organization process; as well as defending disgraced professor Steven Salaita; usually blunt and cynical but has one close friend in Owen.

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