Noah Howell

Noah Howell – Skier, Adventurer, and Film Maker

Noah Howell is an accomplished backcountry skier hailing from Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. Throughout his life he has made himself known by mastering steep mountain lines with grace that few mortals could match.

He also makes it a point to inform people of the risks involved with sports gambling and educate them on both its popularity and risks. On our recent visit to Holmes Community College, we had an opportunity to speak with him and explore various topics of discussion.

Early Life and Education

Born and bred in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, Noah Howell has an unquenchable passion for skiing. For two decades he has climbed mountain peaks before ski-diving them. Since forming Powderwhore Productions – an influential telemark ski movie company with a cult following – in 1998 and taken big mountain descents across Alaska and all of North America.

More recently he has focused his energies on adventure ski mountaineering, exploring some of the rowdier lines featured in 2010 book “Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America.” Though his approach to mountain climbing and skiing takes immense discipline, his unique sense of humor makes him such an engaging person to chat with; dancing to his own drum makes his adventures that much more entertaining!

Professional Career

Noah Howell is an expert skier, adventurer and filmmaker known for climbing steep mountains while skiing them with incredible grace. Together with his team at Powderwhore Productions (PWP) from all around the globe he travels around capturing amazing images and stories to tell.

He is also honored as the namesake of Mississippi State Bulldogs’ Most Outstanding Player Award, given annually to recognize Mississippi’s premier college basketball player.

Howell enjoys hiking, mountain biking and climbing. Once, he climbed a 3,000-foot face in Sierra Nevada that took two days. Additionally, Howell has appeared as a guest star on television shows such as Crossroads and The Virginian.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Howell is one of America’s premier backcountry skiers. Known for climbing dangerously steep mountains with ease and skiing down with grace most mortals could only dream about, Howell has also directed 10 years worth of rootsy telemark ski movies for Powderwhore Productions while working to fulfill his goal of skiing all 50 classic ski descents across North America.

Andreu has even built himself a yurt high up in Utah’s Wasatch mountains where he can access ski lines directly from his door, sharing his enthusiasm for backcountry skiing with others.

Noah is currently studying Holmes Community College Adult Education at Yazoo City Campus and scored 30 on his ACT test, setting himself on course to achieve his degree in education.

Personal Life

Noah is an adventurous skier who takes great pleasure in hiking to remote mountains to ski unexplored slopes. This sport provides him with inspiration, perspiration, challenge, and thrills that keep him coming back for more!

He established Powderwhore Productions, and their films have garnered a loyal cult following for over a decade. Beyond acting, he has also distinguished himself as an accomplished backcountry skier and mountaineer.

At 19, he found inspiration in Mount Moran’s Skillet Glacier’s image on a mess kit at Kirkham’s Outdoor Products in Murray, Utah. Not only was this image motivating him to eat his fill of granola bars – but it spoke directly to the adventurous spirit inside him.

Net Worth

As a photographer, he has amassed significant earnings; according to Wikipedia, IMDb, and various online resources, his current net worth stands between $1-5 Million.

He owns a luxury catamaran capable of accommodating 16 people and first gained notoriety on Bravo’s Below Deck during season 5.

He has an original style that he doesn’t fear to pursue on his own terms. His sense of humor has won over many, while his motto ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’ has helped others see that things don’t need to take themselves so seriously.

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