Noah Sisung

Noah Sisung, 18, of Lansing, died Oct. 22 in a senseless Act of Violence

Noah Sisung was an encouraging best friend who lived in the moment without dwelling on negativity. He leaves behind his mother Trina Coolman; brothers Alex and Cheyenne Cohee as well as grandparents Mary Jean Mikulka and LeRoy Coolman.

The teens, who are currently being tried as juveniles, could spend anywhere from four years to eight years behind bars; however, the Sisung family remains dissatisfied with how the case was managed.

Early Life and Education

Noah Sisung entered this world and lived life the way he wanted: on his terms. Devoted to his family and faith, he enjoyed spending time around people while listening to Tweety birds or Spanish music and watching western films or football matches.

Attributed numerous accolades during his time in the Navy, Alex Sisung is survived by Trina Coolman and David Sisung; siblings Alex Sisung and Cheyenne Cohee; grandparents Charles (Cheri) Sisung and Mary Jean Mikulka as well as LeRoy Coolman.

Mother of teen is dissatisfied with how Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office handled this case; she believes 13-year-old should have been charged in adult court instead.

Professional Career

Noah Sisung was an attentive best friend, passionate about his interests, and lived fully in the present moment. Rarely dwelling on negative thoughts, he worked tirelessly at both his father’s construction company and an HVAC business run by family friend as well as McDonald’s.

He was an active leader within his school’s JCL national Latin honor society chapter, Rho Kappa social studies honor society and National Honor Society. Additionally, he was part of Tri-M music honor society as well as playing cello in its string orchestra.

Trina Coolman does not appreciate how Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon is handling her son’s case; she believes it gives them more chance of rehabilitation while in prison and becoming productive citizens when they exit it.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Sisung, 18, who passed away Oct 22rd from an auto crash on South Pennsylvania Avenue in Lansing was dedicated to both his family and faith. Born Trina Coolman of Holt and David Sisung of Holt respectively; son of Trina Coolman and David Sisung from Holt; Noah had been driving his pickup when it crashed into a tree in Lansing on Oct 22rd while traveling at high speed on South Pennsylvania Ave.

State Journal reported that two teenage male offenders will serve four to eight years in juvenile detention before being evaluated at age 21 to determine if they should go back into prison or not; the decision has caused tremendous displeasure among family members of victims such as Coolman.

Hearings between both parties ended with shouts between them in courtroom, before police handcuffed several relatives of Sisung in parking lot and shoved another individual down in courthouse lobby.

Personal Life

Trina Coolman remembers her 18-year-old son Noah Sisung with tears streaming down her eyes and photographs spread out across a living room table, recalling his life with great sorrow and regret. On Oct 22 he died when his truck collided with a tree on South Pennsylvania Avenue in Lansing; two teens accused of his death pleaded to reduced charges in juvenile court, leaving his family and those close to him angry over this disappointing result.

Alex remembers her brother being friendly and easygoing, fond of spending time with others and living in the moment, she added. His passion was mushroom hunting although Alex wishes that less time was spent eating wild fungus from forests.

He was described by she as being hard working, working at both his father’s construction company and at an HVAC business owned by his friend – as well as having his own side business installing acoustic insulation.

Net Worth

Noah Sisung was tragically murdered last October at age 18 due to senseless acts of violence related to $180 worth of marijuana. Two teens, aged 13 and 17 respectively, have been charged in juvenile court in relation to his death. His obituary describes him as committed to both family and faith while being passionate about his interests – living every moment without dwelling on past negatives.

He leaves behind his parents, Trina Coolman and David J. Sisung of Holt; siblings Alex Sisung and Cheyenne Cohee both also from Holt; as well as grandparents Charles Sisung (Cheri), Mary Jean Mikulka and LeRoy Coolman. In his past life, he served in the US Navy before working alongside his father at Sisung Construction.

He will be sorely missed, so please leave your condolences, photos and videos of your own on his memorial page.

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