Noah Willoughby

Noah Willoughby – The Difference Maker

Noah Willoughby knows all the jokes, yet doesn’t let them stop him from giving an impressive performance Thursday at Robert E. Rich All High Stadium despite their ridicule. By halftime, commentator Paul Kroll in the press box had begun calling out Noah’s name from inside the press box!

Early Life and Education

Noah Willoughby was born March 15 in Pitt County, North Carolina to Lawrence Willoughby and Jennie Best. He later married Laura Longs Willoughby and had three sons, two daughters, and one grandchild before passing away December 13, 2011 at Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

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Sparks quarterback Noah Willoughby is on track to surpass Joe Licata’s Section VI career passing yards record of 6,671. To do so, he needs to average 431 passing yards over each of the first four games this season and break Licata’s mark.

Professional Career

Noah Willoughby has enjoyed an extraordinary high school football career. A junior, he leads Section VI in both yards and completions while leading South Park’s offense – something his entire team contributes towards its success. He’s undoubtedly been instrumental in helping South Park become so formidable.

He lives in Capital, Illinois with his wife, three sons and one daughter. In his free time he enjoys reading, watching shows and movies as well as spending time observing life around him – including finding inspiration through many sources – his imagination always running wild! A life-long student of humanity he hopes to share his insights with others.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Willoughby is an impressive junior quarterback at South Park High School who has become one of its key contributors, leading Section VI in passing yards, attempts, and completions. Last Thursday at Robert E. Rich All High Stadium against Starpoint at Robert E. Rich All High Stadium his performance against them was so outstanding that one commentator in the press box called him the difference maker!

Noah is an honor society member in math and Spanish. In his free time he enjoys reading, playing video games, watching movies and being an observer of humanity in its weird glory. With an imaginative mind starting to surface he hopes to use writing to document his ideas; one day becoming a forensic scientist himself! Orion and Sierra are his siblings.

Personal Life

Noah is an avid reader and enjoys creating original works of fiction. Additionally, he enjoys watching movies and TV shows with his twin sister Holly – particularly those related to science.

Noah remains determined to walk again, surpassing his PS200,000 fundraising target on GoFundMe. Holly recently posted on Instagram about an act of kindness from a teenager that touched her deeply – it made Holly’s heart “melt”.

Noah appeared as Atreyu in The NeverEnding Story (1984), an Atreyu warrior from Grassy Plain who is called upon by Childlike Empress to save Fantasia from capture by enemy forces. Recently he shared an unrecognizable photo online, sporting tattoo sleeves and cropped hair compared with shoulder-length bob in movie; along with graphic t-shirt and baseball cap in snap.

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