Noah’s Anchorage

Noah’s Anchorage

Noah’s Anchorage is an eight-bed runaway and homeless shelter for youth aged 12-17. Offering crisis counseling, referrals and residential services. In addition, it also provides drop-in services for those referred by law enforcement or family.

Microscopic studies reveal that what appears to be iron braced walls are actually natural concentrations of limonite in sedimentary layers with steeply inclined sedimentary strata in an undulating syncline, without fossilized wood and reeds present – disproving any notion that this structure could possibly be Noah’s Ark.

Early Life and Education

Early experiences for children can have a powerful influence on their later outcomes, particularly those that take place within stable and responsive relationships with parents.

Noah’s Anchorage is an eight-bed runaway and homeless crisis shelter offering services for youth aged 12-17 in Santa Barbara. Offering residential services, crisis counseling services, referrals as well as food and clothing assistance; Noah’s Anchorage aims to support homeless or runaway youth while offering residential support as well as crisis counseling, food and clothing aid for runaways or homeless youth in need.

Misleading reports about a natural rock structure near Dogubayazit in Turkey as the Ark of Noah have caused widespread confusion and speculation. Microscopic examination reveals that what were believed to be iron brackets are actually weathered volcanic minerals; with no comparable rocks in Kazan (Arzap), where anchor stones were discovered, rules out that these stones originated in Mesopotamia.

Achievement and Honors

MEDEX master’s degree students from Seattle, Spokane and Anchorage recently presented their capstone projects to faculty members as they neared graduation. Students spent much of the prior year researching and preparing their projects before presenting it similar to an academic conference format; faculty voted on awards for those that stood out from among the rest.

Noah’s Anchorage Youth Crisis Shelter was honored with Agency of the Year recognition by Santa Barbara recently in an official ceremony. Offering food, shelter and shower services for foster kids, runaways and at-risk teens; KTUU featured two Interior Alaska artists who participated in longstanding print signing event at Anchorage Historic Depot this year.

Personal Life

Noahs Anchorage is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping runaway and troubled youth. Offering crisis counseling, referrals and residential services as well as food and shelter assistance, its founders Mike and Karen live in Alaska with their children as members of the Air Force (having served at various duty stations including JBER). Mike is actively involved with his church while volunteering. Both believe strongly in building strong kids, families and communities – the mission that the foundation strives towards fulfilling.

Net Worth

Noah Brown is one of the stars of Discovery’s reality series Alaskan Bush People and known for his DIY handiwork as well as serving as one of his family’s technicians on screen. Being the youngest among five sons from his Brown family, he has amassed an immense fortune through participating in Alaskan Bush People.

The Brown family as a whole boasts a combined net worth of $60 Million; Noah Brown himself is estimated to be worth an estimated total of $500,000. While Noah prefers solitude over money, he does generate enough income to support himself and provide for his family while living comfortably. Furthermore, he enjoys hunting as well as writing several books; in addition, he has appeared on various television programs.

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