Noel Adame

212 Bodybuilder Noel Adame

Noel Adame is one of the odds-on favorites to take down the 2022 New York Pro. His conditioning is stellar, yet may be outshone by one of 212 bodybuilders competing.

Watch Noel perform his routine in the video below – he won IFBB Indianapolis Pro this year with an impressive physique and is always well prepared.

Professional Career

Noel Adame is making waves as an IFBB pro bodybuilding competitor, coming close to victory at Tampa but finishing second behind Epler. However, Noel remains an outstanding 212 bodybuilder who could well capture Olympia one day.

Adame was considered the favorite for this week’s Indy Pro event; however, Bryan Balzano outshone him with an outstanding physique that looked complete from head to toe and featured ripped shoulders and arms – setting himself up as an intriguing challenger at next year’s Olympia competition. Other competitors at Tampa included Paul Baker who won first in Master’s Over 40 division and Dancovea Anderson who placed second in Classic Physique divisions respectively.

Personal Life

Personality Traits: Tommy and he have been dating since 2019. Tommy has an affectionate and considerate nature and remains close with both family and friends.

He is an influential and effective journalist with an incredible talent for covering different subjects with flair and insight. Additionally, he has earned multiple awards for his efforts.

He lives in New York with his family, including a daughter and two younger brothers, as well as often posting pictures with his mother on social media. He’s an devoted son to his parents and loves his family dearly. Felipa G. Adame of Houston passed away August 20, 2012. Her memories will always remain with devoted daughter Mary Helen Polk and husband Tom as well as sisters Esmeralda Escobedo and Juanita Suarez as well as 18 grandchildren and great-grandchildren who cherish her memory.

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