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Oliva Lighter Review

If you’re searching for a quality lighter for your cigars, there are various options available to you. Just keep in mind that not all lighters are created equal!

Look for a lighter that uses an odorless fuel source as this will prevent any unpleasant aromas from altering the flavor of the cigar you are smoking.

Early Life and Education

Since 1886, the Oliva family has been cultivating tobacco. Their contributions were instrumental in propelling Nicaragua’s cigar industry forward from its humble origins to one of its premier families today. Their multigenerational descendants still carry on this legacy today by producing premium handmade Nicaraguan cigars.

This powerful lighter from Oliva cigars combines power with elegance with its sleek brown and gold finish and honeycomb accents adorned with their logo. A flip-back jet cover reveals dual scorching torch flame nozzles ready to toast the foot of your cigar, ergonomic dimensions, and heft make this lighter easy and enjoyable to hold.

This durable table top lighter features a side-squeeze ignition to light two powerful torch flames. There is also a razor sharp punch cutter built into its bottom, as well as an easily visible fuel level window for convenient usage. Use it alongside Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado cigars for an exceptional smoking experience!

Professional Career

Cigar Aficionado named this elegant modern lighter as their 2014 “Cigar of the Year”, boasting triple jet flame butane torch technology and featuring an inbuilt punch cutter – an affordable yet powerful addition to any cigar smoker’s collection.

Just flip up the golden jet cover and hit the side-squeeze ignition to light this lighter’s three red-hot flames, easily roasting even large ring gauge cigars. Its robust all-metal body comes in deep brown color with high-polish gold accents, bearing Oliva logo on bottom for display or use at herfs; pass it around or keep as a striking conversation piece in home or office; it even holds enough butane to last until refill time comes around!

Achievement and Honors

Oliva Cigars have received many prestigious accolades and awards from both cigar enthusiasts and industry experts alike. Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado won Cigar Aficionado’s 2014 Cigar of the Year award, earning them global acclaim for their expert cultivation, curing, blending, and rolling techniques.

This elegant lighter features the Oliva logo and boasts two powerful torch flame jets ready to light your next cigar at the flip of its gold lid. A convenient side-bar ignition offers single thumb use, while two cigar punches (8mm and 10mm) fold out for even greater convenience.

With its stylish brown matte finish and high-polish gold accents featuring Oliva’s logo, this tabletop lighter makes an excellent accessory to light your favorite cigar spot.

Personal Life

Oliva family cigars have long been revered in the industry for their superior handmade Nicaraguan cigars with beautiful brown wrappers and Maduro leaves that provide an unforgettable smoking experience within reach of every cigar smoker.

Oliva offers this beautiful triple torch lighter featuring two potent torch flames ready to light your cigar at the press of a button. Their iconic logo can also be found embossed on its durable double-thick metal frame which also comes equipped with an integrated cigar punch cutter and fuel level window for convenient use.

To use this powerful Oliva lighter, simply unlatch its protective jet cover and squeeze on its side-squeeze ignition with your thumb. Its ergonomic dimensions and reasonable heft are great additions to any cigar enthusiast’s arsenal.

Net Worth

The Lotus Mercury Double Torch Oliva Lighter brings together the reliable, value-oriented cigar lighter brand of Lotus with Oliva tobacco company to produce an ergonomic butane lighter that features twin powerful jet flames with flip-out punch cutter and fuel level window for visibility and an easy single touch piezo electric ignition system.

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