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Oliva Connecticut Reserve

Oliva Connecticut Reserve cigars provide a gentle smoking experience from start to finish, handmade in Nicaragua using Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long fillers beneath a shade grown Connecticut wrapper for optimal smoke. Their subtle coffee, cream, and cedar notes round off this enjoyable smoke.

Oliva Cigars decided to enter the mellow cigar market following their success with their Serie G and V lines, creating an amazing cigar with an unassuming profile and delicious flavor, constructed to the highest standards.

Early Life and Education

Oliva cigars are handcrafted in Esteli, Nicaragua using Cuban seed Nicaraguan long fillers and binder sourced from Nicaragua – producing a mild to medium smoke with exquisitely silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and subtle notes of coffee, cream and wood for a superb smoking experience.

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Oliva Cigars has undertaken an ambitious charitable initiative through its Oliva Helping Hands Foundation, to assist with providing education to the children of its workers at Escuela Oliva – their esteli-based elementary school which will eventually offer classes from preschool through eighth grade.

Professional Career

Oliva Gilberto Oliva Reserva is an exquisite mild to medium cigar from an established firm with an impeccable track record in producing premium smokes. Featuring a light Ecuadorian grown Connecticut shade wrapper that complements well-aged Cuban seed Nicaraguan long filler and binder tobaccos beneath, its subtly delicious coffee, cream, and cedar notes provide a delightful sensory experience when smoking it.

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Oliva had quickly made its mark in the strong and full bodied cigar market when they held meetings with staff to gauge interest for a lighter cigar – ultimately giving rise to Oliva Reserve.

Achievement and Honors

Oliva was an outstanding hitter for the Twins, leading the American League in hits every year from 1962-1966 and winning three batting titles as well as being honored as best right fielder by his league. In 1966 he received both honors.

Oliva cigar brand first established itself during the 1800s when Melanio Oliva began growing world-famous full flavor tobaccos in Pinar del Rio. Three generations and two revolutions later, his grandson Gilberto Oliva moved the business to Nicaragua where they are one of the leading growers of Cuban-seed tobaccos.

Oliva cigar styles have won them multiple awards and top ratings from Cigar Snob. Ranging from traditional-sized smokes to the Oliva Nub series, Oliva provides something suitable for every smoking palette.

Personal Life

Since 1886, the Oliva family has been producing quality tobacco in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. When Gilberto Oliva moved to Nicaragua, he worked under Nestor Plasencia Sr. until he saved enough money to open his own factory.

Oliva Cigars are among the finest cigar producers in Nicaragua, renowned for their premium blends and flavorful taste. Offering something for every palate and budget.

The Oliva Connecticut Reserve is a soothing, medium-bodied handmade cigar. Featuring its silky-smooth Connecticut wrapper which delivers an exquisitely creamy flavor and mouthfeel that perfectly complements its Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long fillers, its smooth nutty, buttered toast and espresso flavors make this cigar ideal for enjoying anytime day or night – truly an essential experience for cigar enthusiasts of any kind! Don’t hesitate – give the Oliva Connecticut Reserve a try now.

Net Worth

Oliva has become known for bringing his family’s cigars to political events and charitable fundraisers as well as selling them out of his rental home in Tallahassee. According to financial disclosure forms filed last year, Oliva listed a net worth of $12 Million including income generated from selling his shares of Oliva Cigar Co to Belgium-based J. Cortes Cigars.

Oliva Connecticut Reserve cigars are mild to medium bodied cigars crafted in Nicaragua using a proprietary blend of Cuban seed filler and binder tobaccos, wrapped with golden Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrappers for an enjoyable smoking experience with subtle coffee, cream and cedar notes.

Oliva’s team had to overcome several hurdles when crafting this lighter bodied blend using Cuban seed tobaccos while also forgoing the use of ligero leaf, in order to reach their desired body and flavor profiles.

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