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Is Olive Oil a Source of Unnecessary Inflammation?

Olive oil is the cornerstone of a Mediterranean diet and packed with heart-friendly omega-3s and omega-6s that can benefit our hearts, but too much inflammation-inducing fats in olive oil could contribute to chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, some forms of cancers or Alzheimer’s.

Researchers found that freshness had more of an effect on oil’s physical and chemical properties than geographical origin or cultivar. PV and UV extinction coefficients, however, were affected by cultivar selection.

Early Life and Education

Early experiences that children encounter beginning before birth (and even prior) have an incredible influence on how their brains and core capacities develop; as adults. Our InBrief series covers some basic principles of early child development developed over decades of neuroscience and behavioral research. This video offers more details.

UNESCO has long advocated that investing in quality education and care for its youngest members of society is one of the wisest investments a country can make. Early learning experiences are fundamental for overall well-being as they lay the groundwork for future success in school and life; factors affecting such development include type and quality of education received, as well as environment where these youngsters grow up.

Net Worth

Net worth provides an overall assessment of your financial standing by measuring assets minus liabilities. It can help create budgets, promote wise spending habits and drive debt reduction and savings goals. Many online calculators can walk you through listing assets and liabilities before calculating the difference and establishing your net worth – including cash assets, investments, home market value and any personal property such as jewelry or collectibles that increase in value over time; liabilities could include any revolving debt such as credit card balances and personal, auto or payday loan balances that need paying off in full or make up your net worth calculations.

Net worth is used by businesses and government entities alike to calculate their book value, which represents the difference between their assets and liabilities. This number appears on their balance sheets and can help investors assess companies when considering funding applications.

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