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Music Review of Music For Living Spaces by Olive Ardizoni

Olive Ardizoni, as the nonbinary artist behind Music for Living Spaces on Leaving Records and its namesake project, has discovered that cuteness can be therapeutic. Through nine rivulets of calm they attempt to connect humans and nature.

Organic music at its most soothing and tranquil is designed to produce soothing tones of Rhodes keyboards and trembling glissandi that radiate a soft-focus rainbow glow, providing soothing sounds designed to counter environmental stresses.

Early Life and Education

Olive Ardizoni’s music, recorded as Green-House, is an exquisite and thoughtful tribute to nature. As a Los Angeles-based nonbinary musician pursuing environmental awareness with her compositions such as Morton Garson’s Plantasia or Yukio Yoshimura’s ambient work, Ardizoni strives for comfort and safety as she creates these melodic pieces of auditory environmental awareness.

Green-House makes her full-length debut on Leaving Records with Music for Living Spaces, imbuing its six tracks with a sense of magic and wonder. From “Royal Fern’s” gentle melodies brimming with optimism to Rhodes keyboard chords and muted chimes on “Find Home’s” soft rainbow glow. And with lyrics such as, “Cuteness and joy are gateways to compassion”, Green-House certainly doesn’t forget about playingfulness either!

Professional Career

Green-House (the ambient project of nonbinary musician Olive Ardizoni) debuted their inaugural EP Six Songs for Invisible Gardens as an intimate bridge between plants and humans. Ardizoni continued her tribute to nature on Music for Living Spaces by creating nine soothing rivulets of peacefulness that created her signature calm soundscapes.

Los Angeles-born musician Ariel Lee finds peace through simplicity. Her meditative music invokes midcentury modern furniture, sparkling crystals or stacks of synthesizers; her nonbinary artist describes cuteness and joy as gateways to compassion; on tracks like emotional standout “Find Home,” filled with Rhodes keyboard melodies and muted chimes, you can hear this empathy flourish in all its full glory. On April 25th Leaving Records releases Music for Living Spaces as well.

Personal Life

Music for Living Spaces, Olive Ardizoni’s second full-length release after 2020’s Six Songs for Invisible Gardens, brings lush tones into Los Angeles musician Olive Ardizoni’s auditory garden. She uses Green-House, her pseudonym for communicating with plants – an act which resonates throughout her sonic explorations.

As on her debut, this album seeks to bridge nature and humanity through subtle means, employing rhythms and melodies that evoke nature with an open sense of wonderment and reverence.

Organic music at its most relaxing and tranquil, with synths blending seamlessly with field recordings. As a reimagination of Mort Garson’s classic Plantasia, this album seeks to connect flora and their caregivers; but also works as an immersive soundtrack for mental wellbeing, gently opening listeners up into an expanded state of awareness with soothing tones and cascading synth riffs.

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