Olive Eyeshadow

Olive Eyeshadow Makes Olive Skin Tone Stand Out

Olive skin tones look fantastic in both muted or bolder tones; for example, an earthy green hue with an appealing golden metallic sheen makes an excellent eyeshadow choice for medium complexions.

Make an impressionful statement with dark blue or purple eye shadow for a dramatic smokey effect. Bronzer can help add sun-kissed warmth, but avoid orange bronzers as these may make your face appear unnatural.

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Fitzpatrick scale categorizes olive skin tones between categories 3 and 6, creating difficulty for many individuals when finding foundation shades to suit them. But makeup artists have found several brands which specialize in matching foundation to olive-toned skin tones.

Sudha of makeupbysudha raves about Huda Beauty’s Faux Filter foundation range for olive-toned skin. “It has the ideal undertones without leaving an ashy finish or drying my skin,” she raved.

Jireh, founder of jirehmakeup, highly recommends EX1 Cosmetics products due to their green-toned makeup. According to her, these are ideal for olive skin tones as their various shades offer daytime looks while darker gold and emerald hues look stunning in glittery eyeshadow looks or smokey eye makeup looks.

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Orglamix all-natural concentrated mineral eyeshadow is free from fillers, binders and extenders for long-wearing wear without creasing. Enjoy it dry for subtle color or wet for dramatic impactful flair! Moreover, its versatile texture enables dry application or wet application for maximum impactful eyeshadow effects.

Olive eyes pair perfectly with burgundy and gold hues, as well as neutral tones such as nude or champagne. For something truly daring, deeper shimmer-finish olive shades could also create striking smokey eye looks.

Understanding your skin tone and undertones is the key to finding a makeup look that flatters. With that in mind, a professional makeup artist shared some of the most complimentary colors for olive complexions, from lipstick shades to eyeshadow palettes – these options will have your complexion looking flawless in no time!

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Olive skin tones look absolutely radiant with various shades. For subtle makeup looks, try matte olive eyeshadows in palettes like Milk Latte or Dasique’s #7 Shadow Palette (winner of Olive Young Award 2016 for color makeup). For bolder eye makeup looks, shimmer-finish olive shades pair beautifully with gold or emerald shades to create eye-catching smokey eye looks. Finally, neutral palettes with warm gold tones also complement olive skin tones beautifully.

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Olive eyeshadow is an incredibly versatile shade, as a swipe can look both natural and bold depending on how it is applied. Olive hues look particularly flattering on those with tanned skin and brown hair and make for great dark smokey eyes. Olive complements blue, purple and gold eyeshadow colors beautifully while pairing well with any combination of makeup.

If you have olive skin tone, for an appropriate lip shade consider selecting either berry or brown tones with chocolate undertones. Avoid lipsticks with pinkish nude or red undertones which could clash with your complexion.

Orglamix provides a variety of olive makeup, including liquid and powder eyeshadows, eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara. Their luxurious eyeshadow formula glides on effortlessly while their All-Natural Concentrated Color formula doesn’t contain fillers, binders or extenders, giving their eyeshadows their signature soft velvety feel.

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Orglamix all-natural concentrated color eyeshadow features an irresistibly warm khaki deep green golden shimmer that instantly transports you to an idyllic Mediterranean island of healthy delights. Free from fillers, binders or extenders found in mineral makeup products, it applies smoothly for true-to-color application with long wearing and crease resistant properties.

Combine olive shades in our Olive You Forever Palette for an eye-catching modern soft sultry look or add them boldly for a seductive olive smokey eye look that will have people green with envy. Our bar inspired palette offers luxe formulas such as creamy mattes and impactful foils to achieve endless eye looks from day to night!

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