Olive Flannel

Olive Flannel Shirt by Proper Cloth

Made from soft cotton flannel fabric, this shirt has been garment washed for maximum softness and reduced shrinkage. Featuring olive green and black buffalo plaid design with eye-catching large-scale pattern. Perfect to layer over sweaters or sport coats; an essential wardrobe piece!

Early Life and Education

Pendleton has an impressively long tradition of producing flannel. Their first wool flannels were released into production during the 1920s, featuring colorful fabrics previously used for blanket production – something not commonly available at that time. Production was temporarily suspended to support WWII efforts by producing uniforms and blankets for US Army soldiers; during which period Proper Cloth partnered with them to produce twelve premium quality flannel fabrics which rank among some of the softest and warmest ever found anywhere! Don’t miss them out – don’t miss them out!

Personal Life

Proper Cloth’s Olive Green and Black Buffalo Plaid Flannel is an ideal addition to your wardrobe or as a present for someone in your life who appreciates flannelwearing, with ultra-soft fabric made of 60% cotton / 40% polyester blend for optimal softness, featuring two front pockets, double layer back yoke, button front closure with rollup sleeve vents for rollup sleevesleeve venting, tear away neck label, premium athletic fit as well as rollup sleeve vents sleeve vents for rollup sleeves! Limited edition so don’t wait long before purchasing!

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