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Olive Gold 03

Olive oil professionals often get caught up in trying to describe an oil’s flavor and texture; ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Senior editor Maggie Hoffman described this one as having “grassy with sage-like undertones”.

This single-source extra virgin olive oil from the Picholine Marocaine variety features high levels of polyphenols and boasts distinctive notes of green fruitiness, sweet almonds and fresh turf.

Early Life and Education

Olive Gold 03 is an exquisite proprietary blend of SUPER OXYGEN in an organic olive oil base with enhanced vitamins (A, B’s, C, D & E), 72 minerals, alpha lipoic acid and exotic botanical essences that is hypoallergenic and free from corn, sugar, yeast, soy wheat preservatives or synthetic ingredients.

Harriet took great interest in Olive’s education and would often ask her to stand at the end of their veranda and read aloud passages from newspapers, poetry or literature aloud aloud to her. This practice helped Olive develop her reading abilities further as well as teach her to use her voice naturally and effectively. She would later credit this teaching experience with helping her master her reading voice more completely.

Tamir’s father battled hard to retain their land, yet Ptora was eventually sold off for commercial development. Unfortunately, in 2015 he suffered from health complications and had to step aside as manager; however, Tamir has pledged never to sell one of the 600 olive trees owned by Tamir’s parents when taking over management of the business.

Professional Career

The ideal olive oil is liquid gold – an ingredient that immediately elevates any dish it comes into contact with. It should be made from only one source, be deliciously rich, suitable for cooking or drizzling, and priced affordably enough to use regularly.

Nutrition experts have long recognized olive oil for both its delicious taste and health benefits. Olive oils’ phenols, the polyphenols responsible for creating their unique peppery herbaceous aroma, have been linked with everything from lower diabetes risks to protecting against cardiovascular diseases.

Experts often use difficult words when discussing olive oils, yet most agree on certain characteristics for high-quality oils that stand out. These typically include balanced, mild and smooth olive oils with notes of green fruitiness, fresh turf grassiness and sweet almonds that stand out.

Achievement and Honors

Earning a gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition is no small feat. This renowned contest draws entries from across the world and is considered one of the largest competitions in its industry. Being recognized with this prestigious medal shows your product stands out as exceptional and worthy of being acknowledged.

Croatia has made an outstanding showing at this competition, showing they produce some of the world’s finest extra virgin olive oils. Notably, many of the top-rated oils were blends – an indication of Croatian producers’ versatility and capabilities.

After winning gold at the NYIOOC, Fitouri was welcomed with open arms throughout London, Brussels, and Madrid; receiving thanks from his government as well. Since then he has traveled widely for interviews and media appearances in several different countries.

Personal Life

Cultivating, producing and packaging High-Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with one purpose in mind: to preserve its natural flavour, quality, and health benefits. We do this through using SUPER OXYGEN in an all-natural organic olive oil base; along with supercharged vitamins (A, B’s, C’s D& E); 72 minerals; alpha lipoic acid and exotic botanical essence.

While lighter-weight neutral oils may be preferable for deep frying and high-temperature cooking, many recipes still rely on olive oil – known as liquid gold by many for centuries – due to its unique composition and role as the cornerstone of Mediterranean diets.

Stratis Camatsos transitioned from law careers in both Europe and North America to manage his family’s olive farms in Pamako, combining tradition with innovation. Part of the proceeds from his company are used for reforestation projects in Ethiopia and Madagascar.

Net Worth

Net worth gives an accurate measure of an individual’s financial health by taking an inventory of assets and subtracting any debt obligations from total. It provides an invaluable way to gauge progress toward reaching both short and long-term financial goals.

Olive oil boasts many therapeutic and beauty-enhancing properties, making it a vital ingredient in skincare routines around the world. Its abundant nutrients help your skin achieve radiance while simultaneously improving circulation, relaxation, and cell growth. Olive oil has long been used as self-care therapy – embrace its allure today by including olive oil as part of your skincare regime!

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