Olive Laurel

Stan Laurel and Olive Laurel

Greeks traditionally awarded winners of athletic, military, poetic and musical competitions with wreaths of laurel as a mark of victory and honor. This symbolised victory as well as respect.

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Early Life and Education

Early in his career, Laurel began performing in theater and vaudeville shows. Together with Hardy he discovered an affinity for improvisational comedy that would become their hallmark.

Live performances were an enormous hit and they also appeared on several television programs such as BBC’s This Is Your Life in 1953 and an episode of NBC’s Face the Music in 1954; however plans for a regular TV series were put on pause when Laurel suffered a stroke which delayed his return to work.

Roach Studios was where Laurel and Hardy continued making shorts, such as Slipping Wives and Duck Soup, but other studios did not encourage improvisation as much; these larger companies relied more on scripted dialogue rather than encouraging spontaneous improvisatory moments between scenes.

Professional Career

Olive Higgins Prouty was born into one of Worcester’s most prominent families and her father played an integral part in shaping Washburn Shops and Worcester Polytechnic Institute during its development. Additionally, he was both an influential businessperson and industrialist.

Olive struggled to be a writer but her family encouraged her to marry Lewis Prouty instead. In 1907 she had her daughter.

Olive was fortunate enough to find support from her family and Radcliffe College when embarking on her writing career, including introductions to publishers who published her early stories. Over her lifetime, Olive wrote several novels and many poems; her most well-known being Stella Dallas and Now Voyager. Olive donated much of her earnings from writing to charity while remaining close with Sylvia Plath; in fact she paid for her medical expenses following an unsuccessful suicide attempt by Sylvia Plath.

Achievement and Honors

Laurel wreaths have long been associated with success and honor. First seen on Greek Olympic medals, their prominence began due to Apollo, the god of victory who slew a monster to trigger four annual contests commemorating this feat. Apollo fell in love with Daphne but she managed to escape him by having herself turned into a laurel tree instead.

Romans later adopted this tradition and awarded winners of their games with branches from olive trees, oak (which was sacred to Zeus), celery (representing wisdom), myrtle (associated with Aphrodite), myrtle myrtles, myrtles, myrtles myrtles (Aphrodite’s symbolism) and ivy (representing immortality). Winners even wore golden wreaths at ancient Olympics until 19th century; modern Olympic logo features laurel wreath which has also been featured since 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

Personal Life

Olive Virginia Wright Pruski of Metairie, Louisiana passed away peacefully at age 102 on June 12th. A graduate of Marquette and Tulane Universities respectively, Olive was an active volunteer at various local organizations including STAIR Tutoring, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas for 10 years, Longue Vue House and Gardens, Phi Beta Mu and as an avid bridge player. She leaves behind her husband; 10 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren as a legacy.

A laurel wreath has long been seen as the embodiment of victory and worn by winners at the Olympic Games since 776 BCE, held every four years at Olympia. Wild olive leaves from sacred wild trees were collected at Olympia to make prized kotinos, while celery or myrtle wreaths were presented as prizes to other winners.

Net Worth

Stan Laurel amassed his net worth through hard work and success as one half of Laurel and Hardy comedy duo. Through acting roles and film directing opportunities he increased his income significantly.

Laurel and Hardy collaborated for 107 films, shorts and cameo appearances before parting ways in 1951. They enjoyed tremendous success as one of the greatest double comedy acts ever seen on screen.

Laurel first wed Lois Nelson in 1926 but they divorced two years later. After that he married Virginia Ruth Rogers and later Ida Kitaeva Raphael until his death in 1965.

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