Oliver 1950T

The Oliver 1950T – The First Turbocharged Row Crop Tractor

The Oliver 1950T was one of the most powerful Row Crop tractors available during its time, being first to use a turbo engine and competing against AC D21-II, IH 1206, and other manufacturers using General Motors powered engines such as IH 1206. At its core was an 310 Oliver/Waukesha diesel engine.

Achievement and Honors

At the height of Heritage Iron production, each manufacturer strived to become first. AC and IH both created muscle tractors like the D21-II and 1206 that aimed at being the top performer. Oliver followed suit by producing its flagship 8-plow tractor: the 1950-T. Rated at 89 PTO horsepower and 82 drawbar horsepower, this was Oliver’s inaugural turbocharged model introduced in 1964 as a replacement for its 1900 predecessor that had been promoted as being modern and the largest available row crop tractor on market; soon after its release 1650-1850-1750 models appeared which came equipped with gas or diesel engines respectively.

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Personal Life

In 1964, Oliver began upgrading their tractor line. The 1600 became the 1650, 1800 became 1850 and 1900 became 1950. This 8-plow tractor boasted an incredible 89 PTO horsepower and 82 drawbar horsepower; making it one of the most powerful Row-Crop tractors available at that time despite its high price point. Unfortunately for many farmers however, its high price put this dream tractor out of reach.

Oliver needed a model that fit within their mid-range pricing while keeping up with the power of their 1950 model, so they designed the 1750. Based off of the 1650, this tractor featured a 310 CID Oliver/Waukesha diesel or gas engine which produced 105 certified PTO horsepower; yet cost less at $9900 than $11,000 from General Motors (GM).

Net Worth

The Oliver 1900 was an 8-plow tractor powered by a powerful General Motors (GM) engine boasting 89 PTO horsepower and 82 on the drawbar, but was far too costly for many farmers. Oliver found a solution by retrofitting their 1750’s 310 CID Oliver/Waukesha diesel engine with turbocharging technology to achieve similar 105 certified PTO horsepower to that of their 1950 GM tractor for much lower cost; making this America’s first turbocharged rotary-plow tractor ever.

I purchased this Oliver tractor for $11,025. Since then it has been an absolute joy to drive and maintain!

Locate it Bland, Missouri to set up a time for viewing of this tractor.

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