Oliver Boxell

Oliver Boxell

Oliver Boxell, a counselor and cognitive scientist specializing in deep structure psychotherapy, has published numerous articles related to its application as well as serving on editorial boards of several psychology journals as a reviewer.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Boxell hails from England and earned his undergraduate degree at the University of York where he studied English and Linguistics. Subsequently, he earned both master’s and doctoral degrees at Rochester in Counseling and Human Development; currently working as part of Rochester Deep Structure Psychotherapy Clinic.

Oliver utilized his studies to work on several counseling and cognitive science projects, in addition to instructing various counseling, human development and psychology classes.

When working with clients, he takes into account their lived experience as individuals. As an inclusive counselor he works with people from different races, genders, physical/mental abilities, sexualities, places-of-origin and belief systems. Additionally he belongs to two professional associations for counselor education and supervision: American Counseling Association and Association for Counselor Education and Supervision.

Professional Career

Oliver Boxell holds a Ph.D. in Counseling and Counselor Education from the University of Rochester. He earned his master’s degree through Counseling and Human Development at Margaret Warner School of Education’s Counseling and Human Development department and his research was supported by both a Robert L. Sproull Fellowship and Dean’s Scholarship. Oliver currently works as a counselor at Rochester Deep Structure Psychotherapy Clinic.

He investigates the nature of neurocognitive structures that contribute to mental health conditions and counseling processes, using cognitive science techniques for augmenting counselor training, psychometric assessments, clinical interventions and interventions in general. His work also involves creating detailed formal theories regarding human minds’ thoughts, emotions, relationships and behaviors.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Boxell has received many honors and awards during his academic career, such as a full tuition scholarship from the Warner School of Education at University of Rochester. He was honored with both a Robert L. Sproull Fellowship and Dean’s Scholarship as part of his master’s degree program in counseling. He has conducted research projects pertaining to cognitive science and the neuroscience of language, while simultaneously offering courses on counseling, human development and psychology. His research is currently focused on using internalized rules-based algorithms for representing deep structures to augment clinical mental health counseling interventions, with work published in leading journals like Neuroscience, Psycholinguistics, and the Journal of Counselor Education and Supervision.

Personal Life

Oliver Boxell is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and holds the National Counselor Certification. Additionally, he has served as teaching assistant for multiple counseling and human development courses at the University of Rochester. He currently holds the Robert L. and Mary L. Sproull Fellow position for Counseling and Counselor Education at Margaret Warner School of Education. He has an insatiable curiosity for human mental structures, how they influence relationships, emotional experiences and overall well-being, as well as developing techniques from cognitive science that augment counseling interventions and psychometric assessments. He is particularly passionate about creating and testing formal theories about mental health conditions and counseling processes, and their effects on society as a whole. Additionally, his work includes investigating how neurocognitive structure innate to each of us affects society as a whole.

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