Oliver Chidawu

Oliver Chidawu – A Biography

Oliver Chidawu was an esteemed businessman and entrepreneur in Zimbabwe who developed an array of companies. At 29 he became Harare’s youngest mayor – serving until 1988 – while sitting on several Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed entities, such as Bindura Nickel Corporation, Star Africa Corp Pelhams Ltd and Zimplow Limited boards.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Chidawu became a self-made millionaire through contracting business he started in Zimbabwe during the 80s. His company handled electrical contracts and building management contracts. Additionally, it built key infrastructure within Zimbabwe with international partnerships like Anglo American.

His music reflected the struggles of his homeland and was heavily influenced by South African musical styles like mbaqanga, jit, and mbira. Over 67 albums were released during his career and their songs touched people all over the globe.

Mtukudzi died at a time of great political unrest in Zimbabwe and was laid to rest at the National Heroes Acre, an exclusive burial ground reserved for liberation struggle heroes and ruling party stalwarts. However, his estate is currently mired in legal wrangles; Clever Mandizvidza, executor of his estate has filed suit against Minister Spiwe Chidawu and her widow for misappropriating funds from Mtukudzi’s estate.

Professional Career

Oliver Chidawu was an African entrepreneur and businessman renowned for his investments throughout Africa. He held board seats at several companies such as ABC Holdings Limited – a pan-African banking enterprise he held board seats with; Kuchi Group which focused on construction and engineering projects was also founded by him.

Tuku was beloved due to his talents as a lyricist and willingness to explore social and economic topics in his music, along with his fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic that helped restore a sense of community among Zimbabweans.

At 29, he became the youngest mayor of Harare in 1984, under his visionary leadership transforming it from an antiquated city into what came to be known as “Sunshine City”. Subsequently he expanded his business interests into real estate development, banking, real estate development and holding board seats at Pelhams Limited, Bindura Nickel Corp Ltd and Zimplow Ltd – with board seats held by each.

Achievement and Honors

Chidawu was an experienced businessperson and founded the Kuchi Group of companies, which specialises in construction and engineering projects such as Florian Court in Bulawayo.

David served as chairman of African Banking Corporation Zimbabwe and director for Manders Group Limited, Bitumen Construction Services Ltd and Heritage Insurance Company. Additionally he held shares in Bindura Nickel Corp, Star Africa Corp, Pelhams Ltd and Zimplow Ltd as shareholders.

He was a member of ZANU PF and served in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government as minister, making him an invaluable ally to his nation and receiving a state funeral with interment at the national heroes’ acre reserved for liberation struggle heroes and ruling party stalwarts.

Personal Life

Oliver Chidawu’s passing has sent shockwaves through Zimbabwe. As Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Chidawu was an esteemed politician and businessman with an extraordinary career – becoming mayor at 29 in 1984, founding Kuchi Group companies as chairman, and serving on boards such as Manders Group as well as Pelhams Limited and Bitumen Construction as non-executive Chairman respectively. His death is being mourned throughout Zimbabwe.

Spiwe was laid to rest in the National Heroes Acre, an exclusive cemetery reserved for liberation struggle heroes and ruling party stalwarts. Her widow has taken Clever Mandizvidza, his executor, to court over an will which violates property-sharing legislation.

Net Worth

Oliver Chidawu was an adroit self-made businessman, building up a substantial portfolio. He held board seats at various Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed companies such as ABC Holdings Limited, Zimplow Limited and Bindura Nickel Corporation.

In the early 1990s, he established and managed the Kuchi Group of undertakings which encompassed building construction and electrical contracting activities. Additionally, he was one of the founding shareholders and directors of Heritage Investment Bank that later merged into First Merchant Bank; additionally he sat on boards of extra organizations such as Bitumen Construction where he held major shares as an integral shareholder in its company.

Chidawu had an unpleasant encounter with businessman Jayesh Shah, known for lending money to influential Harare businesspeople at interest. They got into an ugly dispute that ultimately saw Jayesh realize the security pledged by Chidawu for loans granted from Jayesh’s firm.

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